World Windows – March 18, 2016

Skyline in the Bean_9021© Valorie Webster – The Bean, Millineum Park, Chicago, Illinois

The Bean is not really a window at all, but it is reflecting many windows in downtown Chicago AND is a window to the world, in many ways. There are so many people there taking pictures from everywhere…wedding parties, families, tourists. For me, it qualifies to be a window today!



WORLD WINDOWS – February 13, 2016

IMG_5934 I like looking at, notice I say at not into, windows at night. The truth is, I probably like looking into them, as well. Not because I am of the “peeping” sort, but because they seem so warm and inviting. It feels like home. I figure that if people don’t want you to see, they would close the window, right?

Seeing and feeling how people live is one reason I like to travel so much.

This picture was taken in Greece again, on that wonderful island of Sifnos. Yes, there was someone standing inside, but I waited to get far enough past for them to be out of view. I didn’t stand and stare, but noticed the warm light against the darkness.

What do you like about windows? Are you a “peeper”?