World Windows – April 29, 2016

Still soaking up the photos from the Toronto trip…


This interesting artwork caught my eye as we were taking our first stroll in Toronto. I can’t even say where it is, because we didn’t really have our bearings yet. I found it very cool, as the 3-d effect is very well done.


I wish I could have done it more justice with a better picture.

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Thanks for looking!


World Windows – April 22, 2016

CAM00013© Valorie Webster

Isn’t it just warm and welcoming to look through this window? I can be sure it is worth going inside this restaurant, as we had no bad meals in Sicily!

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Thanks for peering in along with me!

World Windows – February 12, 2016

Hmmmm….somehow, this does not seem to have posted on February 12!

window_3065 web

Above is the view from the inside, looking out, of the abandoned Methodist Church in Grass Valley, Oregon. Yes, I ignored the “no trespassing” signs, like many have! I hope I am forgiven for that.

This may be one of the most photographed abandoned churches in Oregon. Here is a view from the outside…

old church_3072

There must be many stories to tell about events in and around this church, but I have not been able to unearth many.

What is your window on the world today?


WORLD WINDOWS – February 13, 2016

IMG_5934 I like looking at, notice I say at not into, windows at night. The truth is, I probably like looking into them, as well. Not because I am of the “peeping” sort, but because they seem so warm and inviting. It feels like home. I figure that if people don’t want you to see, they would close the window, right?

Seeing and feeling how people live is one reason I like to travel so much.

This picture was taken in Greece again, on that wonderful island of Sifnos. Yes, there was someone standing inside, but I waited to get far enough past for them to be out of view. I didn’t stand and stare, but noticed the warm light against the darkness.

What do you like about windows? Are you a “peeper”?

World Windows – January 30, 2016

Hey there photo peeps and world travelers! It just occurred to me today that I have lots of pictures of WINDOWS. I like to shoot doors and windows and already participate in Norm’s Thursday Doors. How about a theme we can all follow called WORLD WINDOWS? I have researched this and it seems the WordPress blog that was on this subject no longer exists.

Now, I will tell you right now…and Norm can confirm this…I am no techie. Therefore, I will not be putting one of those buttons here that you can press to share your post. If you are interested, you can add a link in the comments on any of my WORLD WINDOWS posts. Also, please tag your post with the category/tag WORLD WINDOWS. You can post whenever the notion strikes you. It does not have to be on a certain day of the week, although that might work for you. Let’s take a trip around the world and see how far we get!

I will start out here…


Isn’t this an interesting window? On the island of Sifnos, Greece…we were fortunate to stay in the topmost hotel room in this town of Kamares. (The hotel is Margado….check it out if you are heading there.) They called it the Pigeon’s Roost (or something like that). This view is from the inside, where there are shutters if you need to keep out the light or breeze. I could have stayed here for a long time and WILL go back to Greece.

Photo copyright Valorie Webster