Thursday Doors – March 24, 2016

Thanks to Norm for hosting Thursday Doors!

My submission for this week stretches the theme a bit!


Not sure if this one is really about the plain, white, normal door, the window or the snowy bicycle, but the point is to say goodbye to winter…

and Welcome Spring!!!!


This welcoming sign and flower pot was snapped in Savannah, GA…it is a doorWAY, so I hope it counts!

Images © Valorie Webster



Thursday Doors – March 10, 2016

IMG_4762©Valorie Webster

In Palermo, Sicily…this little door and contents speak for themselves. I am not Catholic, but I believe this is a little shrine to memorialize people who have passed. It was on the side of a large Catholic church that also served to house the homeless and provide other services to the community.

I found Palermo to be very interesting on many levels. It is in a beautiful location, but sadly there is still very much devastation remaining from WWII. In spite of this fact and the location of this church, it was well-maintained and a benefit to many.

Happy Thursday…off to look at some other doors via Norm’s hosted blog.


Thursday Doors – February 25, 2016

IMG_5163Yes, another door  (or should I say set of doors?) from my travels, this time Sicily. Do you think the people behind the far door feel safe enough with two sets of heavy doors one has to get through first? Would you open that first set? Do you find the studs on the first heavy doors to be daunting?

I so enjoy seeing how the rest of the world lives and the history that has shaped lives. I usually find the people charming and welcoming when we travel. I think these doors depict the ancient days and they are still standing today. Do you think our doors will still be standing in hundreds of years?

This is taken in the touristy town Taormina. It was interesting, but my preference is the smaller towns that are not so well traveled.

Thursday Doors – February 11, 2016


Isn’t this so beautiful and colorful?!?

In Greece, the island of Sifnos…So many stories, pains, joys and blessings behind this curtain door. Sifnos boasts 365 churches…one for every day of the year. It is a small island and they take their spiritual homage seriously. We didn’t begin to see them all, but certainly some more will appear on my Thursday Doors posts in the future.

Thanks to Norm for hosting this challenge!

Thursday Doors – February 4, 2016

BCN doorway

Traveling in the fall can mean many different experiences. So often, our travels tend to be in the summer months, know for vacations. That is one of the joys of retirement…no demanding schedules.

These beautiful doors were found in Barcelona, Spain. I am glad the trees were mostly bare, as the blue doors are fully visible. Love the complementary colors and all the different textures. Hope you enjoy this one too!


Thursday Doors – January 28, 2016


A flashback for my husband, as we visited his old school, George Washington HS – San Francisco, CA., for his 50th reunion. I tried to get him to tell me how often he went through this door…no reply. Seriously, I think he was harmless in this respect back then, but it was fun!

How were your high school days?

Thursday Doors

A door where everyone is welcome to pass through…


We were very lucky to be able to spend the month of September in Italy. We stayed in Lucca. As in all of Italy, there were many churches. This one is the least dramatic and ornate and seems a good place to start with sharing. The doors are open and look at the happy people who are approaching!

Have a great day…whatever doors you walk through!