plateau (Image of Colorado Plateau from the Internet)

I have believed for a long time now that we develop and grow at our own pace. I know that the first 5 years of life are when we learn the most…or so they say. I am still learning and happy about that, but it is different kinds of things. Yes, I may learn new words in a word game or new techniques for cooking or crafting and these are good. However, what I am finding over the last many years is that personal growth is important to me.

What does that mean? Well, for me, it is partly emotional and a lot spiritual. That doesn’t have to mean religious…and for me, it does not. I have a strong faith. I also have a strong belief in things spiritual…what some would call woo-woo things. This has helped me draw inside and learn about myself, seek out what speaks to me and be much less judgemental of others.

The word that has worked for me over the years to describe this growth is plateau. It seems I grow and reach a plateau and then live there for whatever time it takes to gain understanding. At some point I must either grow to the next plateau or slide down to a lower level. It doesn’t seem workable to live on one plateau forever.

Right now, I realize that the time is approaching for a movement off the plateau I have been living on. My choice is not to slide down, so it must be growing time. I have been wondering what is bugging me lately…trying to think it might be the hint of spring we got and then the grey weather. This morning, I know it is just a signal that it is time to grow.

I am going to take the road of enthusiasm about this. Not being sure what this will mean, I will watch for signs, words and wonders of what will come my way. I am grateful that my husband understands this, though it may not make total sense to him, he supports my growth spurts with interest and shared enthusiasm.

Bright-on-the-Prairie_1562W(Spring Flowers on The Big Summit Prairie @Valorie Webster)

As the spring flowers are showing their freshness, it is time for me to shoot up too! How are you growing lately?


I hope everyone has had a great Sunday! I am choosing to write about choices today. Life is full of them and I have heard it said that “choices are the hardest part of life”.

If you think this is going to be deep and extremely thought-provoking, then you might want to stop now. It is a bit of a rant…at myself…and I think I have posted a relative to this subject recently. I just don’t seem to have enough time!

At any rate, I am somewhat astounded by the pleasure I am finding in this thing called blogging. The choice of blogs to follow…great content, humor, tutorials, inspiration…is vast. I could actually read blogs for hours a day and then if I comment, more time passes! We all want comments, right? So I must be neighborly and comment, right?

Seriously, my choice is to try to balance all the things I have to do…some work, exercise, cook, take care of myself, be a friend, be a wife, manage my Etsy shop, follow Facebook, blog, read blogs, craft, oh yes – and get some sleep…all things I want to do! So, I have to make a choice today to write a blog…on one of many subjects that go through this multi-faceted brain of mine! My choice is to write about the ceremonial drum I made earlier this year…


She is lovely and sounds wonderful too. This morning I discovered that I can even play with my hands and fingers. I belong to a women’s drumming group that meets once a month. This was the inspiration for making the drum, as I always had to borrow one.

This drum is made from horse hide and has a beautiful pattern and color. Here it is held up to the light…


I originally thought it would be a very personal experience to have my own drum. Even though the group is wonderful, I imagined drumming alone, just me and Spirit communicating in a tubular fashion. As with many things I make, I prayed over the process and during the making of the drum and I asked for guidance. What I discovered is that it is totally a drum to be shared! Yes, I do enjoy drumming on my own, but the sense of community when many join together is great! The drumming circle has up to 30+ women show up with all types of native drums, percussion instruments and beautiful voices. We shake the world! Then there is a more intimate circle of only 4 that I belong to, as well. I made a pretty bag that fits the drum perfectly, so I can carry her out and about too.


I have always been musical…a musical family…and my two children are extremely talented! This experience has been the most fun and inspiring though! It is joyful and uplifting! It is spiritual!

So, do you enjoy music? Do you play an instrument? Does it inspire you?

My next blogging choice could be about anything! Aren’t we fortunate to be free to have choice!?!?

Until next time we meet…on your blog or mine!


Thinking of Thanksgiving

It is that time of year when the hustle and bustle starts…holidays, parties, shopping, etc. I don’t always think of it in those ways.

It is not often that I share anything about my meditation/prayer/spiritual practices. For me it is very personal. I am not called to proselytizing. This morning, however, I just felt compelled to share a purposely distorted image of today’s view as I was sitting in my quiet time.

meditation sketch

Different people call it different things…prayer, meditation, sitting…but I was meditating on sharing and in particular, sharing happiness. My quiet times are a place where I share my concerns, my desires and my happiness and I believe that reaches into the world and affects others, if only in a small way. I sit with representations of people I love, as noted by the stones and things in the image. They change on any given day, as I am drawn to certain thoughts, needs and people. I don’t live close to my immediate family and the upcoming holidays are always a reminder of that fact. I hold them in my heart always, though, and that inspires me in many ways.  

Nothing particularly creative here today…just me, my thoughts and my hopes for everyone to have people they hold dear to them, whether literally near to them or not. Be thankful and think on that as we get ready for a day when many may not be thinking of a lot more than eating and watching football on that busy day called Thanksgiving. After all, it is not about the turkey on the table, but the “turkeys” sitting around it!!!

I am grateful to have much love in my life from family and friends. They each hold a place in my heart with a shape reserved only for them! Love to all!