February Challenge – COMPLETED!!!

I have posted a couple of times this month about the Mighty Lucky Quilting Club…1st time; 2nd time…and today I will wrap it up.

IMG_9933 This is the first piece I completed. I just can’t learn the technique presented, this month being improv piecing, without finishing up with something complete.

So, here I did some random quilting and stretched it over a frame. (The frame was a purchase from the Good Will store, since I like to up-cycle. This one came with an interesting painted canvas, which will work into something else, but that is another post.)

As mentioned in earlier posts about this challenge, once you get the idea, it becomes addicting. That means I did not stop here!


I kept stitching these fabric selections together until I ended up with more pieces. My favorite piece of all is the one that is mostly white…I think it follows the technique the best.


The two little ones, all pieces were stretched over canvas, were cut up from one of the bigger pieces.

Above are little collages of all 4 of them together. Which ones do you like? Quilted or not?

It is fun that they could be displayed on a wall, easels, flat, turned any direction. I think I am pretty happy with the result. I could, however, look into better ways to handle the stretching over canvas or frames…especially the corners!

On to March soon! Remember, Mighty Lucky Quilting Club is only $5 per month and I have already learned two new techniques!

Happy Quilting!



My Design Wall – February 11, 2016


This is my design wall today. Still playing with the Mighty Lucky Quilting Club February Challenge.

Because I am lucky enough to be able to play a lot, I decided to take the little scraps/trimmings that were left from the bigger pieces and see what I came up with by sewing them together.

IMG_9921 I might like it the best. This is just fun and addicting!

I am still trying to decide what to do with these creations. I may cut the biggest one on the left up to smaller pieces. I don’t think it really follows the intended challenge. It was much bigger pieces to start with, if you saw my earlier post. I wish I had not cut it up actually!

So, I think I can get rid of these last little pieces now. What do you think?


Do you let pieces hang on your design wall so they can speak to you? I am waiting to hear from mine right now…pillows? stretch over canvas? mini-quilt? wall hanging? Use for one big quilt? Any ideas from you in the quilting blogosphere?

Thanks for reading…happy quilting!

PS…Sorry about the poor lighting on the first pic. It is a bit of a grey day here today.