US Presidents(image from Internet)

It is President’s Day. I am virtually apolitical. I respect the office, would not want the job, enjoy living in the US, etc.

The current campaign is garnering more of my attention. Is it because I am older, wiser or just afraid? I AM older, I hope to be wiser and I think fear is not good for much, except perhaps to make us think/move in some direction.

I won’t post opinions here, and rarely give my opinion on politics, even by voice. I hate to discuss anything with people who can not agree to disagree, if they do disagree. Isn’t this what our country is about…freedom?

So, if  you see this day as simply a day off from work/school, if you have strong opinions about the upcoming elections, if you are concerned for our country…whatever you feel on the subject, I hope you  have a good day.

If you choose to comment here, please keep it to a friendly banter. We don’t have to agree, but I will remove hateful comments.

Thanks to all the presidents who have served and even lost their lives in service. Historically, I believe the intentions of each were good.