Remembering a Dear Friend

Yesterday was the birthday of a dear, old friend. He has passed years ago, but he wrote something that speaks to me today, as it did then…it actually made its way out of a storage box this morning…go figure!!!


One Day

We move along, doing the best we can,

Occasionally testing the boundaries.

Some, more than others, become bored with the gift of life

and stray far away from the path of righteousness.

And the day will come when each of us will look into the mirror and say,

“It is I who I must wake up with in the morning

 and it is I who I must sleep with at night.

 It is I  to whom I must answer.”

So begins morality and a sense of values, which will deliver the owner a life-long high, which is greater than any chemical on Earth can induce.

Nobody knows for certain, but there is a belief among us that this character is not only carried through our mortal lives, but is also carried into the hereafter…and a clean conscience is a clear path to eternal peace.     BF

Happy Birthday, my old-soul friend. Thank you for these words and many others we have shared. I think of you often. Rest in peace.


I have not seen my sister in almost 2 years!

Some time back I wrote this poem about rivers and it really made me think of our lives and how we start from something so small and change over the course of our lives. I dedicate this to my sister again today.

river with picture

I am so excited to be seeing her tomorrow! We have lots of catching up to do…sister time. And I get to see her kids and grands, as well as Savannah, Georgia, which I hear is a wonderful place! Yippee!

Grace and the Female Art of Aging

Grace cover

A few years ago, I worked with women from many parts of the world to create an anthology of essays on aging.

This book includes inspiring thoughts, poetry, homage to women, pictures and more. It was interesting and fun to work on this project and the “relationships” established and  continued through social media are at the heart of it all for me. As we approach Spring and Mother’s Day, it seems like a good time to share this again and make it available as an inexpensive download. Below is a link to it…

It is sad that some of the women who participated have since passed away. Their legacy stands with memories of them, held dear by their families and friends, as well as through this book.

Feel free to share with others and let me know what you think of the subject. Another project of similar nature just might be in the works. If you would be interested in participating, let me know.



I am blessed with many friends. This week, I received a little gift from a friend…my crafting buddy and muse…

needles from Jude  Check her out.

It is a felt book to hold needles. It has a few pages and a great note, as you can see.

I also had a great Reiki session yesterday with another friend…a gift from a master.

Bend Reiki Logo Katlin Friedman at Bend Reiki Clinic

What this reminds me of today is how great it is to have friends and this little poem came to me:

Friends aren’t there to hold your hand…but they do!

Friends aren’t there to dry your tears…but they do!

Friends aren’t there to listen to you…but they do!

Friends aren’t there to give you gifts…but they do!

Friends are your best asset ever…but especially because with friends…


Happy friending!