26 Weeks Letter Challenge – I

Letter I has me a bit intrigued. Let’s see what I can find in the files…

Invisible Man 166

An all-time favorite of mine…Invisible man in Barcelona. No, I did not edit this image!



Blue Piggy Bank_7905


Tiny baby Ali




OK…so some of these are a bit of a stretch, but this is fun! Thanks, Lumar, for hosting!

All images © Valorie Webster

26 Weeks Letter Challenge – G

Catching up yesterday, in my rush, I failed to mention the hostess of this challenge. Check out Lumar here. I love the name of her blog…Let There be Peace on Earth!

So, on to the G in my catching up…

Gold watches…and other Gold memorabilia


Gold medal

Vivid Strings


Garden and Garden tools

ball and glove_7926


Thanks for looking…now Go have a Good time!

All images © Valorie Webster

World Windows – April 22, 2016

CAM00013© Valorie Webster

Isn’t it just warm and welcoming to look through this window? I can be sure it is worth going inside this restaurant, as we had no bad meals in Sicily!

What windows have you been peeking into? Feel free to share a post in the comments below. If you do, please tag your post World Windows.

Thanks for peering in along with me!

26 Weeks Letter Challenge – E

This week is IMG_2359 in response to the challenge presented here.

It seems to be a real “challenge”, at first thought.

Little Italy Entertainer in Little Italy, Boston.

Evening shadows in the park.  IMG_5891

eat your eggs_7646 Eat your Eggs!

2012 Jan KC and Squaw Creek 150 Not the best shot, but treasured. My brother, who I miss dearly, and I went on a trip to try to capture some Eagle photos at Squaw Creek Nature Preserve in Missouri.

A bit of a stretch on some of these, but E is now covered! Thanks for taking a peek!

All images © Valorie Webster


26 Weeks Letter Challenge – D

Am I behind? I think I am still within the right week, but going on a trip gets me all discombobulated…now there is a D word!

At any rate, I am following Lumar’s Challenge with the letter  IMG_8840  this week. Check it out and join in, if it appeals to you!

IMG_4176 Welcome to my post…which Doorbell would you ring?

IMG_3030 (2)


Now that you are here, let’s roll the Dice and see what we get. (A little lesson here…historically, die was the singular for dice. Today it is one dice or two.)



We must have our animal for the week…

how about a Drenched Dog, dear….oops, I meant Deer!

IMG_8669_7660 It seems no one likes to go to the Doctor, but this guy looks pretty nice and his assistant is just plain pretty!


I think we should wrap this week up with a beautiful spring image…Dogwoods!

Thanks for looking and reading my lighthearted approach to the letter D!

All images © Valorie Webster

26 Weeks Letter Challenge – C

Lumar inspired me to try this challenge…so far, so good! Join in?

This is for the week of C:

IMG_5290_4863 If you happen to be following this letter challenge with me, you may wonder why I have so many pictures of letters. Well, I didn’t have a good c, but the reason I have letters at all is for use in montages…a creative and fun way of expressing that I learned from Carol Leigh some time ago. She does some fascinating work!

So, here we go…let’s see what I can find to post this week!

Carrot Curls_7054  Carrot curls

Cat…trying to hide in the shrubs and shade…
kitty in the shade

Colorful spirals_9494_0069 Colorful coils…though they are really slinkeys, that doesn’t start with c!

IMG_9347 Casting…could say catching too, but that is not guaranteed!

And the last selection this week is Checks…a digital image I created…



All images © Valorie Webster

26 Weeks Letter Challenge – B

This week is the letter 2008 Sept Hiigh Desert Wine Auction_4574.CR2 :

May 2007 Ballooning over Madras 192a Ballooning…what a ride!


IMG_5540 Beans…garbanzos made for us in Greece…delicious!

Bottles…food related…and drink (not our party!)

IMG_6070 Boy and Birds. This kid was really having fun with the pigeons…many in U.S. would think it potentially disgusting! No need to worry, really, he could never catch them!

I noticed there were LOTS of “B” images in my collection…this seemed a nice variety.

This fun challenge is hosted by Lumar…maybe you want to join in!



Thursday Doors – March 24, 2016

Thanks to Norm for hosting Thursday Doors!

My submission for this week stretches the theme a bit!


Not sure if this one is really about the plain, white, normal door, the window or the snowy bicycle, but the point is to say goodbye to winter…

and Welcome Spring!!!!


This welcoming sign and flower pot was snapped in Savannah, GA…it is a doorWAY, so I hope it counts!

Images © Valorie Webster