Word for the Day – Witness

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If you read the Parade Magazine on Sunday, wherever you live, you may have seen a little article this week, Sunday With…Tony Bennett. As he is turning 90 years old, the final question was What are your thoughts on turning 90? His reply…

“I’m happy to be alive. I think the greatest gift you could have is to witness your life on earth.”

To me that was profound. How many of us actually “witness” our lives? How many of us just move from moment to moment, event to event, thought to thought without really seeing, hearing, feeling, absorbing those things?

Dictionary.com defines Witness as…
a verb (used with object)
1. to see, hear, or know by personal presence and perception

Just a thought for today. Hope you are IN-joy!

Hello Again!

Hey there! It has been a while for me on this blog. I can’t say for sure, retirement life seems to have been in the way of writing over the summer, but I am going to try to return.

It is September and in the fall life starts to settle down a bit…maybe, maybe not!

Sept 1©Valorie Webster

Whatever you have been doing or plan to do, I wish you joy as the weather changes!




Do any of you do family research? There are some real mysteries in my family tree and I dig into it every few years to see if I can discover anything new. In preparation for the return of my DNA results, I am back at the research and suspect I may be a bit off the blogosphere circuit for a while. This kind of stuff is like going down the rabbit hole.

It’s not that I think any of you will miss me, but just in case!

Wish me luck and if you have any great advice for breaking down brick walls, feel free to send it my way!

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plateau (Image of Colorado Plateau from the Internet)

I have believed for a long time now that we develop and grow at our own pace. I know that the first 5 years of life are when we learn the most…or so they say. I am still learning and happy about that, but it is different kinds of things. Yes, I may learn new words in a word game or new techniques for cooking or crafting and these are good. However, what I am finding over the last many years is that personal growth is important to me.

What does that mean? Well, for me, it is partly emotional and a lot spiritual. That doesn’t have to mean religious…and for me, it does not. I have a strong faith. I also have a strong belief in things spiritual…what some would call woo-woo things. This has helped me draw inside and learn about myself, seek out what speaks to me and be much less judgemental of others.

The word that has worked for me over the years to describe this growth is plateau. It seems I grow and reach a plateau and then live there for whatever time it takes to gain understanding. At some point I must either grow to the next plateau or slide down to a lower level. It doesn’t seem workable to live on one plateau forever.

Right now, I realize that the time is approaching for a movement off the plateau I have been living on. My choice is not to slide down, so it must be growing time. I have been wondering what is bugging me lately…trying to think it might be the hint of spring we got and then the grey weather. This morning, I know it is just a signal that it is time to grow.

I am going to take the road of enthusiasm about this. Not being sure what this will mean, I will watch for signs, words and wonders of what will come my way. I am grateful that my husband understands this, though it may not make total sense to him, he supports my growth spurts with interest and shared enthusiasm.

Bright-on-the-Prairie_1562W(Spring Flowers on The Big Summit Prairie @Valorie Webster)

As the spring flowers are showing their freshness, it is time for me to shoot up too! How are you growing lately?

River to Peace

There are many who claim to know the steps to peace. Here is one path I find to help…

steps to peace (Image copyright Valorie Webster. Words have been shared by many.)

Like everything, it is a process, and some days it works better than others, but let’s try to start here.

Happy acceptance!


US Presidents(image from Internet)

It is President’s Day. I am virtually apolitical. I respect the office, would not want the job, enjoy living in the US, etc.

The current campaign is garnering more of my attention. Is it because I am older, wiser or just afraid? I AM older, I hope to be wiser and I think fear is not good for much, except perhaps to make us think/move in some direction.

I won’t post opinions here, and rarely give my opinion on politics, even by voice. I hate to discuss anything with people who can not agree to disagree, if they do disagree. Isn’t this what our country is about…freedom?

So, if  you see this day as simply a day off from work/school, if you have strong opinions about the upcoming elections, if you are concerned for our country…whatever you feel on the subject, I hope you  have a good day.

If you choose to comment here, please keep it to a friendly banter. We don’t have to agree, but I will remove hateful comments.

Thanks to all the presidents who have served and even lost their lives in service. Historically, I believe the intentions of each were good.


Happy July!

Well, this is to be a busy month around our place(s). We are moving!

randy moving It is not Christmas!!!!

val moving Can’t ride a bike in a truck!

Yes, we are moving and the small stuff has already gone. Thankful that movers will do the rest!!

Oh and even more important….

Fourth of July 1 We are celebrating the birthday of our country!!

Happy July, happy and safe 4th celebrations…see you once I can get settled a bit!

All the best!

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Right or wrong?

i just returned from a trip to Santa Cruz, California. It is a beach town and what you might call hippie-dippie. It is also a surfing mecca. On one of our beach walks, I discovered this wall…

It is my understanding that it has been controversial, as this wall is technically on private property. The part you see is adjacent to a public RV park. The house on this property is on a hill above this wall. The majority of the markings are memorials.

My question is this…do you think it is right or wrong that people use this wall for this purpose? Would you protest if it were your wall? Obviously, the posts are not being removed. 

I understand the law…the rules…I just wonder what I would feel like. I think I would want people to have this place, as long as the area is kept clean and the posts are respectful.

It made me stop and think, so I thought I would put it out there for opinions.