River to Peace

There are many who claim to know the steps to peace. Here is one path I find to help…

steps to peace (Image copyright Valorie Webster. Words have been shared by many.)

Like everything, it is a process, and some days it works better than others, but let’s try to start here.

Happy acceptance!

Yoga Class Gift

This morning, the yoga instructor offered each of us a holiday gift. She opened a box of Angel Cards, spread them out and we could pick one.

If you are not new to this blog, you may not have to guess what I drew. With eyes closed and heart open I mixed them and drew. Here is my tiny gift with a big message…


As I think about the messages I have posted, it also occurs to me that I have not shared that not only has this been my word for the season…it has been my word for the year!


(picture from my journal – Jan, 2015)

Merry Peace on Earth Christmas!

Let there be Peace on Earth


Have you noticed how people seem to be friendlier and more loving and kind this Christmas season? Have you noticed all the posts on social media regarding peace or the fact that there is good news out there? I suppose some might think this always happens during the holidays and it should. However, I feel that people are acting differently.

I am not one to rattle on about religion, politics or world news, but we can’t live in this world without seeing and hearing about all these things. So, I am just going to share some things here you have already seen, perhaps, but some good things that can still be found. Click the pictures below to be taken to some heartwarming stories…



So, as I have mentioned in other posts, peace is what I would love to have for Christmas this year and it has to start with me…and you…and you. We can really only be affective in our little parts of the world, so I say “Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me.” Will you join me?

sp_WorldPeaceWord  (The lovely song is linked to this little image…enjoy!)