Mighty Lucky Quilting Club – February – Update


Update on the earlier post…

This challenge has just seemed very much not intuitive to me, but today I finally started. Thanks goes out to my sew mate, JudeMadeIt, who I have mentioned before. We craft on Tuesdays, so today was the day to get going on this one! She will probably post about her squares. It is so interesting to note how different eyes see different challenges.

At any rate, I am happy to say that once started, it is actually fun and easier than the earlier improvisational pieces I had done…place mats I made to try the concept a while ago…


So, I have started stitching pieces together and placing them on the design wall…

Another interesting thing is the subtle differences even a little shift in placement makes. Can you see the tiny difference above? Be advised, this WILL absolutely be changing before it is done! It is already different on the wall right this minute! So, if you are interested, keep watching. I will post whatever the final result is.

In the meantime, I hope you are enjoying whatever you are working on!


Mighty Lucky Quilting Club – February


Just downloaded the February installment of the Mighty Lucky Quilting Club! Looks interesting…updates to follow…after I select my modern fabrics.

It is just $5 a month for these inspirational, educational lessons with well-known quilters. Check it out…here.

Happy Quilting!

Mighty Lucky Quilting Club

So, I have joined my friend and “maniacal” crafting buddy, Jude, for the Mighty Lucky Quilting Club.


Lesson One is all about bias tape; making it, applying it creatively, and making quilt blocks.

This is a progress report:

I am using grays…a darker solid for the squares and a light gray solid along with two prints for the tape.


As you can see, I am experimenting with two sizes of bias tape. Note: There are multiple bias folding tools out there. My limited experience says get the Clover brand (at JoAnn’s in the quilting department). The other brand I tried did not fold as tightly and was therefore harder to use. However, don’t think that  the Clover brand is all honey (sweet)! It is tricky and folding the seams is especially tricky! I really like the look of the narrow (1/4″) tape, but the seams are a bear, if not impossible, as shown above, to fold. I think the next step, sewing them, will be equally difficult.

The MLQC goes all year and if you like quilting and think you might want to learn some techniques, check it out. (Link above) It is not a block-of-the-month club. It does give you a chance to learn from well-known quilters for a fraction of the usual price. It is only $5 per month or $50 per year.

If you join, share what you are doing! We would love to see! Tag your post MLQC so we can follow!