A True Little Story

I just want to share a little true story today. It is NOT a shameless plug for my Etsy shop, but a heartwarming note about love.

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10, here in the United States. That means that kids and families will be celebrating the love of moms. Well, this week, too late to ship at a reasonable rate to New York from Oregon, there was an order for a “just a thought” pillow placed in my shop….

mom love This is it…a tiny little love note, if you will.

The man who ordered it had requested delivery in time for Mother’s Day, but it was going to cost $18 to ship it. The pillow sells for $8.

I began a “convo” with the man about the cost to ship vs. the value of the pillow. I am copying his reply below…

“Yes the shipping does seem very silly. $18 shipping for an eight dollar item.  But this is the gift my daughter wants to give my wife for Mother’s Day so it is what it is. Thank you.”

I was touched by several things here. One, the time it took this daughter to search the millions of listings on Etsy to find this one little $8 item that she wanted for her mother. Two, the patience the father exhibited to place the order and communicate with me several times, when he could have taken the girl to a neighborhood store so easily. Three, the willingness to pay this “very silly” price to make his daughter and his wife happy. My reply to him when I posted the bill for the freight difference…

“Happy Mother’s Day to one loved mom!”

It really isn’t about the gift or the cost…it is all about the love!

It is not too late – SPECIAL OFFERS

If you live in the US or Canada…and not sure where else, it is not too late to order a handmade gift for your mother, as May 10th is Mother’s Day.

My Etsy shop offers small tokens or love that say mom, or don’t. I especially like the little “Just a Thought” pillows that are a message she can see all the time and add a sweet little reminder and touch anywhere she might want to place them.

mom asst  mom asst3

If you are interested, just until May 3 (through the upcoming weekend) I am offering two discount codes you may use at checkout:

3GETSFREESHIP – free shipping for US orders on purchase of three items

FANDFAM – 40% off your purchase…you are all my friends and family!!!!

There are plenty of other items to choose too…bags, bowls, home décor, jewelry, purses…

IMG_0684-0 bowl asst

IMG_8756  20150220_111813

feel free to take a look!

It’s All About the Family

KC trip Puzzle

I have been absent from Blogs, Internet and most everything that does not have to do with family until this week! I don’t get to see the family back in the mid-west that often, so I take advantage of all I can get when I am there!

Family is all about the love and the sharing, the fun and the support. I was blessed with all of that last week. Sure, I could always take more time, but I will be thankful for what I get.

Above is a little puzzle I put together about family. Some of the clues fit my family, but I think they fit lots of families really. If you like to play word games, give it a try. The note says it is an excel file and you can check your answers by changing the font color. I don’t think that will happen here, but maybe it will be fun anyway! (The letters are there, just very faint!)

For some hints, the things that family means to me – next to the things noted above – lots of kidding around and laughing, sharing what is going on in everyone’s life, singing, playing, sports, so much food…what does family mean to you?

Now I must get back to my routines. Had a sale on Etsy while I was gone, so I need to get that packed up and shipped off too! And it feels like spring is coming, especially with DST now…so much to do!

Here’s to happiness!


Ok folks…call it shameless if you want but it is just advertising which I need to do occasionally. Sale time in my Etsy shop for one week only. 30% off all items with code “LOVEYOUSTILL“!!!

tiny heart

Enter the code where asked for an automatic deduction.

Love never goes out of style, nor does giving gifts to others or yourself! Many items are up-cycled, recycled or otherwise eco-friendly.

New items will be coming up as spring approaches!

Liebster Award!


I was quite amazed and appreciative when CateCrafts nominated me for the Liebster Award! So here I am, accepting and nominating more. This is appropriate, as it is about loving other blogs and bloggers, so fits the love month theme!

The rules are:

-Add the Liebster Award logo in your next post.

-In that post, link the person who nominated you.

-Answer the 10 questions that the nominator asked and come up with your own questions for your nominees.

-Nominate 5-10 blogs with less than 200 followers and link them. Let them know you nominated them!

My ten questions from CateCrafts:

  1. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Chicken! I love sweets, but if I had to survive, I’d better have something that will help me do that. Chicken is so versatile! I am not much of a meat eater but chicken…yes! Cluck cluck!

  1. What is your favorite quote?

“Jump and the net will come.” – Julia Cameron

  1. What is your favorite song/band?

This one is tough! I enjoy almost all music, can sing along with so many songs, but can’t often tell you the name of the song or the band! Both my children are musicians, but I can’t pick just one of them! I have probably been singing “It Is Well With My Soul” the most of late. Hmmmmm….I just can’t answer this one!

4. Who is the person that inspires you most?

The first person that came to mind…Dali Lama. All kinds of things inspire me and it depends on the area or subject matter. Spiritually, we have so many people to respect. Who would not want to be like Jesus? As an artist, there are so many creators that make beautiful things. My children have proven themselves to be great people! My husband is so encouraging and supportive and inspires me to be all that I can be. My friends, my family, scientists…There is so much inspiration in this world!

5. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Doing this exercise, I think I should focus my interests, but I don’t want to get bored! I think I would be to be free of guilt. I work on this, but it rears its ugly head on occasion. It also serves no purpose, as we can’t go back and tomorrow may not come. I hope/trust I have learned things and move ahead!

6. If you could tell your ten years ago self something that you know today what would it be?

This day, this time, right now is all we have!

7.What is something you do that drives your spouse or friends crazy?

My husband hates that I fall asleep in front of the tv.

  1. What is the best advice you have received?

Love with all your heart.

  1. If someone gave you 1 million dollars what would you do with it?

See the world and share that with my kids.

  1. What is your favorite TV show?

We watch some of the night-time serials, but I can’t say they are particularly enlightening…Gray’s Anatomy, The Americans, Nashville, House of Cards. I almost never even turn on the tv when I am alone.

OK…so now I get to ask the questions!

1. Why do you blog?

2. Where do you call home?

3. If you could change anything in the world, what would it be?

4. What is your favorite pastime?

5. How much room does the heart have to love?

6. What inspires you the most?

7. How would you want to spend a totally free day?

8. If you could go anywhere, where would you go first?

9. Would you change your life?

10. How do you feel about being nominated for this award?

I nominate the following blogs:

1. mummaplusthree

2. toldbyginger

3. ceceliaintherain

4. pot8o

5. theygrowuptoofast

6. quiltingmedusa

7. tickledinnyc

Here is my confession (NOT part of the requirements)…as a new blogger myself, I had to search for blogs to nominate, because they need to have under 200 followers. What I have decided is that there are many inspiring blogs out there. I can always create a new award nomination list, once I have collected more! Oh, and it really frustrates me that I can’t get this blog to format correctly!

Here’s to the blogosphere!

A Great Love Story

Continuing on the theme of love, I want to share a story that has recently been published in book form.

No Enemy of Mine: The Story of a German War Bride

10366065_801677536563560_8420195574501413235_nThe book was the result of long and arduous work by Montage BioGraphics  owner and writer, Terri Potts. She spent hundreds of hours interviewing, coaxing and holding the hand of Gerda McMillan as she remembered and they documented a love story that is wrapped up in the history of a brutal war time. Love prevailed! How wonderful is that?

The Columbian Newspaper sent a reporter to talk to Gerda and Terri. He did a wonderful job of creating a video along with the article he was to write.

Links below take you to view both:


Why is it important to tell these stories? For one reason, to remember that beauty can come out of the most ugly situations. Also, each of us has a story to tell and we only get so much time to tell it. Maybe it does not seem important, but there are so many instances where your child, your grand-child, your relative or someone you can’t even think of now will want to know more about you. How did you live, why did you love, where did you come from, what was the rest of the story?

To hold on, to persevere in spite of all odds, to be happy – such inspiration comes in many forms. I am grateful for the book and suggest you might want to read it yourself.

While you are thinking about this story, take a few moments and consider who you love and be sure to tell them. Don’t tell them just because it is the month of love, February. Tell them because love makes the world go round and love is why we are here!

With love…

Love Is In The Air

IMG_20150202_130216  It is that time of year…

Blogs abound yesterday and today about the Super Bowl, of course, and L-O-V-E. It seems that it hurts us and heals us. It lifts us up as high as a kite and puts us all the way to the bottom of the dumps. The word is overused, for sure!

What does love mean to you? Can you receive love without giving it? Can you give love without receiving it? Do we spend too much time loving things instead of loving people? Good food for thought.

Today I just want to plant the seed of love. May I be one who scatters those seeds around my little corner of the world. Of course, I hope to reap what I sow, but I believe it starts with the planting.

So, here’s to a garden of love…in all the ways it can grow! When we are angry, but love anyway. When we are hurt, but love anyway. When we are alone, but love anyway. And on and on it goes. Let’s all get out there and plant love and if it grows in so many corners of the world, it will certainly have a positive result with everyone.

I am sure we will hear more on the subject during February, but for now…get out the watering can…here’s to love!

Today’s Word

UNITY…   unity

Today I am thinking about the word UNITY. Webster defines it as a noun and the simple definitions listed are:

1. the state of being in full agreement


2. a way of combining the parts in a work of art or literature so that they seem to belong together

Hmmmm….I like both of those and they fit me well.

1. Full agreement is certainly not likely to happen in most situations, but it sure appeals to me. Mostly I wish we could simply agree to disagree and call that unity. Why does everyone think others must feel the say way they do? How boring that would be!

2. If you look at my blog or my Facebook page or my Etsy shop, you know I love creating things, so the second definition really works for me too. Did you know that I also like to write? It is not always evident in my blog, because I just let the words go, for the most part, and write about all kinds of things. However, I have written for a few magazines and also put together a book for women titled, Grace and The Female Art of Aging. (Maybe more on that in another blog.)

Basically, the word means many things to many people and I would like for all of us to think on the subject today. How can I create more unity in my world? If each one of us tries to achieve that little goal, won’t the world be a much better place everywhere? I think so! What do you think?

Just a Thought

IMG_8709Have I mentioned that I love to make things? These are so much fun!

Yesterday I posted about the new “naturals” that I am making as pillows and that they are available in my Etsy shop – FACETFULLY.

Today I am excited about these new additions to that group. I call them “Just a Thought” pillows, as they can say anything. They are small, little message pillows, measuring about 8″ to 12″ wide, depending on the style/sayings. I have posted some that apply to Valentine’s Day, but when is love ever not appropriate? I can think of tons more to make, so be watching. They are great around the little nooks and crannies of your home and just make you smile! I will also happily make these in custom designs. Please go over and take a look and note this too…they are not expensive at all AND I have created a coupon – if you buy 3, you get FREE shipping! Use the code 3GETSFREESHIP…it is that simple.

Thanks and remember…your thoughts and words count!!!

Off to a 2015 Start


Happy New Year…even a bit late!

Off to a new start for 2015 and back at the work table. Today I am making pillow tops and bags. These will be in my Etsy shop when they are finished…along with more that don’t show up here.

My goals for the year? Other than being the person I am meant to be? Well, I hope to understand more about the ins/outs of selling my wares on Etsy (or other means). Why? Because I truly love creating things, as noted by my header here! What will I do with all of them? Maybe support my habit!!!

If you have any words of wisdom or a blog to share on this subject, please let me know in the comments below! I will also unabashedly ask for some love here and on Etsy…and will also return the favor!

Here’s to the new year and success in all the forms it can take!