Echo, Oregon, can you hear it?

IMG_2930  One of those quaint little-known towns that can be found along the back roads of America is Echo, Oregon. One lovely day, with some time to meander, we took a little adventure down just such a road and enjoyed a few minutes reverie of the past.

Echo is on the Old Oregon Trail and boasts a bit of interesting history.


Jack Dempsey spent a little time there…and apparently even less money!


A museum has been erected along the Deschutes River where there was a stop along the Oregon Trail.


Above images from the museum list the requirements to set out on the trail and head west.

   IMG_2918  a tiny cabin

IMG_2924  I don’t think they could really phone back then…and writing doesn’t seem to have been a good choice either, in case of fire! Someone from the museum must have a sense of humor.

As with many old towns, an effort has been made to update, while maintaining the flavor of the historic setting.

IMG_2906 Main StreetIMG_2899 

The bankIMG_2903

The Catholic Church is still standing, but apparently no longer in service.


IMG_2910Do you like to explore little, old towns? I love an adventure!