A Great Love Story

Continuing on the theme of love, I want to share a story that has recently been published in book form.

No Enemy of Mine: The Story of a German War Bride

10366065_801677536563560_8420195574501413235_nThe book was the result of long and arduous work by Montage BioGraphics  owner and writer, Terri Potts. She spent hundreds of hours interviewing, coaxing and holding the hand of Gerda McMillan as she remembered and they documented a love story that is wrapped up in the history of a brutal war time. Love prevailed! How wonderful is that?

The Columbian Newspaper sent a reporter to talk to Gerda and Terri. He did a wonderful job of creating a video along with the article he was to write.

Links below take you to view both:


Why is it important to tell these stories? For one reason, to remember that beauty can come out of the most ugly situations. Also, each of us has a story to tell and we only get so much time to tell it. Maybe it does not seem important, but there are so many instances where your child, your grand-child, your relative or someone you can’t even think of now will want to know more about you. How did you live, why did you love, where did you come from, what was the rest of the story?

To hold on, to persevere in spite of all odds, to be happy – such inspiration comes in many forms. I am grateful for the book and suggest you might want to read it yourself.

While you are thinking about this story, take a few moments and consider who you love and be sure to tell them. Don’t tell them just because it is the month of love, February. Tell them because love makes the world go round and love is why we are here!

With love…

Love Is In The Air

IMG_20150202_130216  It is that time of year…

Blogs abound yesterday and today about the Super Bowl, of course, and L-O-V-E. It seems that it hurts us and heals us. It lifts us up as high as a kite and puts us all the way to the bottom of the dumps. The word is overused, for sure!

What does love mean to you? Can you receive love without giving it? Can you give love without receiving it? Do we spend too much time loving things instead of loving people? Good food for thought.

Today I just want to plant the seed of love. May I be one who scatters those seeds around my little corner of the world. Of course, I hope to reap what I sow, but I believe it starts with the planting.

So, here’s to a garden of love…in all the ways it can grow! When we are angry, but love anyway. When we are hurt, but love anyway. When we are alone, but love anyway. And on and on it goes. Let’s all get out there and plant love and if it grows in so many corners of the world, it will certainly have a positive result with everyone.

I am sure we will hear more on the subject during February, but for now…get out the watering can…here’s to love!