Remembering Daddy

IMAG0019 Today would be my daddy’s birthday. This picture of him was taken on Easter Sunday, 1954. It seems a good choice to use in this post, since this is Easter weekend. My brother was not born yet, but this is my sister and me (I am the little one) ready for church with daddy all dressed up in his suit. Isn’t he handsome! (Even with the wind kicking up his hair)

Today daddy would be 91 years old…in earth years. When is your birthday in heaven? If it is the day you die, then he would only be almost 12. It doesn’t matter to me. He was my daddy. I miss him. I love him and always will. There are great men in my life, my wonderful husband and a son that I am so proud of. My grandson is growing into a kind and caring young man. No one, though, can fill the void left by the passing of my dad. I know he is with me and I still talk to him…sometimes I still reach for the phone to give him a call!

I hope heaven is just what you hoped for, daddy. I love you still.  Happy Birthday!

It’s All About the Family

KC trip Puzzle

I have been absent from Blogs, Internet and most everything that does not have to do with family until this week! I don’t get to see the family back in the mid-west that often, so I take advantage of all I can get when I am there!

Family is all about the love and the sharing, the fun and the support. I was blessed with all of that last week. Sure, I could always take more time, but I will be thankful for what I get.

Above is a little puzzle I put together about family. Some of the clues fit my family, but I think they fit lots of families really. If you like to play word games, give it a try. The note says it is an excel file and you can check your answers by changing the font color. I don’t think that will happen here, but maybe it will be fun anyway! (The letters are there, just very faint!)

For some hints, the things that family means to me – next to the things noted above – lots of kidding around and laughing, sharing what is going on in everyone’s life, singing, playing, sports, so much food…what does family mean to you?

Now I must get back to my routines. Had a sale on Etsy while I was gone, so I need to get that packed up and shipped off too! And it feels like spring is coming, especially with DST now…so much to do!

Here’s to happiness!

Thinking of Thanksgiving

It is that time of year when the hustle and bustle starts…holidays, parties, shopping, etc. I don’t always think of it in those ways.

It is not often that I share anything about my meditation/prayer/spiritual practices. For me it is very personal. I am not called to proselytizing. This morning, however, I just felt compelled to share a purposely distorted image of today’s view as I was sitting in my quiet time.

meditation sketch

Different people call it different things…prayer, meditation, sitting…but I was meditating on sharing and in particular, sharing happiness. My quiet times are a place where I share my concerns, my desires and my happiness and I believe that reaches into the world and affects others, if only in a small way. I sit with representations of people I love, as noted by the stones and things in the image. They change on any given day, as I am drawn to certain thoughts, needs and people. I don’t live close to my immediate family and the upcoming holidays are always a reminder of that fact. I hold them in my heart always, though, and that inspires me in many ways.  

Nothing particularly creative here today…just me, my thoughts and my hopes for everyone to have people they hold dear to them, whether literally near to them or not. Be thankful and think on that as we get ready for a day when many may not be thinking of a lot more than eating and watching football on that busy day called Thanksgiving. After all, it is not about the turkey on the table, but the “turkeys” sitting around it!!!

I am grateful to have much love in my life from family and friends. They each hold a place in my heart with a shape reserved only for them! Love to all!