A True Little Story

I just want to share a little true story today. It is NOT a shameless plug for my Etsy shop, but a heartwarming note about love.

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10, here in the United States. That means that kids and families will be celebrating the love of moms. Well, this week, too late to ship at a reasonable rate to New York from Oregon, there was an order for a “just a thought” pillow placed in my shop….

mom love This is it…a tiny little love note, if you will.

The man who ordered it had requested delivery in time for Mother’s Day, but it was going to cost $18 to ship it. The pillow sells for $8.

I began a “convo” with the man about the cost to ship vs. the value of the pillow. I am copying his reply below…

“Yes the shipping does seem very silly. $18 shipping for an eight dollar item.  But this is the gift my daughter wants to give my wife for Mother’s Day so it is what it is. Thank you.”

I was touched by several things here. One, the time it took this daughter to search the millions of listings on Etsy to find this one little $8 item that she wanted for her mother. Two, the patience the father exhibited to place the order and communicate with me several times, when he could have taken the girl to a neighborhood store so easily. Three, the willingness to pay this “very silly” price to make his daughter and his wife happy. My reply to him when I posted the bill for the freight difference…

“Happy Mother’s Day to one loved mom!”

It really isn’t about the gift or the cost…it is all about the love!



Today’s word is from Dictionary.com….Catchpenny. Thinking of this in terms of Etsy store items. Hmmm? Is this what it takes to sell? I am not sure.

Then, I wondered about other ways to use this word. A line on the website page made me think of prostitutes…not very inspiring…sad actually. Especially with a picture that looks so fun and cheery!

The English language is fascinating and there are loads of words that most of us never use. I think this one sounds actually English, as in from England. Just a little tidbit today, which doesn’t have much value in itself!

Off to a 2015 Start


Happy New Year…even a bit late!

Off to a new start for 2015 and back at the work table. Today I am making pillow tops and bags. These will be in my Etsy shop when they are finished…along with more that don’t show up here.

My goals for the year? Other than being the person I am meant to be? Well, I hope to understand more about the ins/outs of selling my wares on Etsy (or other means). Why? Because I truly love creating things, as noted by my header here! What will I do with all of them? Maybe support my habit!!!

If you have any words of wisdom or a blog to share on this subject, please let me know in the comments below! I will also unabashedly ask for some love here and on Etsy…and will also return the favor!

Here’s to the new year and success in all the forms it can take!


IMG_8133 IMG_8141 IMG_8144

As I was posting a new category to my Etsy shop… http://www.facetfully.etsy.com … called “catchalls”, it made me think about that word. First, I would have to check if Webster has deemed it a real word yet. Second, we all have them and all use them:  pencil holders, paper clips, jewelry, safety pins, business cards, computer wires and gadgets, buttons…and this is a short list of what I see from my desk chair right now!  Maybe we don’t really need them, because we have so much stuff and should clean up, but I find that every time I do that I end up missing something I got rid of!

The thing that really spoke to me though, was the third thing…our heart is our biggest “catchall”!!!! Everything seen, touched and experienced in any way filters through our hearts. It is our choice where it goes from there. There are many things that I hold dear in my “heart catchall” and would not want to clean them out! The negatives that run through there, well, I try my best to let them go to make more room for the positives.

tiny heartI hope your “heart catchall”l is full today!

Thinking of Mom…again

This is a repost from the old not-so-user-friendly BlogSpot blog. It still applies, so I want to have it recorded here:

Today I am thinking of my mother. Actually, there are lots of reasons and I hate to say, it isn’t frequent, but today she is on my mind and I realized I have been channeling her!

Alice collage

Mom, through the years (and one with tiny me)

Baseball was one of her enjoyments…The KC Royals are playing in the World Series right now and she would be routing them on…as I am! GO ROYALS!!! I was asking her to whisper in their ears last night, but I guess they could not hear her!

10462564_10152583473513666_1456656071425570445_n 10614371_10152576080023666_3401062808966815878_n

Win this one…for mom! (Added today – Just one more needed to take it all!)

My mom, Alice, really loved to do needlework. As long as I can remember she made pillow cases, tea towels and later quilt tops. She did all of them… embroidery, crewel, cross stitch. I can’t say I love to do those things, but I did inherit her bent for making things. She asked me at about age 12 to make a formal for her, create a menu and cook dinner for a party she was planning for eight guests! I remember wondering why she didn’t want to do these things, but I was excited and did it. Her passion was the handwork, not the cooking, etc. (As a side note, she loved Christmas decorating, but that might be a post for another day.)

Some pictures of her handiwork:

IMG_8107 IMG_8108 IMG_8109 IMG_8110 IMG_8111

At any rate, as I opened my Etsy shop yesterday…


…it occurs to me that she did this too, in her own way. She entered and sold her needlework in bazaars and fairs. She is not my muse…that would also be a subject for another day… but I am happy to realize that she is looking down and thinking that we are similar in these things and that makes me smile. I think it makes her smile too!

Alice was a stroke victim and spent the last 10 years of her life unable to create the things she enjoyed so much. My dad took care of her for those 10 years and tried to make her life as good as possible.

mom and daddy

                                                                                          Just had to put daddy in here too!

Rest in peace, mom, enjoy the baseball games and send some folks to my shop! Love you!

Changing to WordPress!

Welcome to my WordPress blog site!

Well, if you have my recently-made card, it is ALREADY obsolete! BlogSpot was just not working for me, so I am now on WordPress and hoping it is as great as I am told!

So, until further notice, this is what my card will look like, only with wordpress hand-written in…

facetfully card 1wp

I have opened an Etsy shop – http://www.facetfully.etsy.com. It is a long process to keep things updated and to add new items, but it is my current passion, so I hope you will drop by and check it out, as well as follow this blog.