A New Look

A friend once told me, “When things seem out of control, change your hair. It is the one thing you can control!”


Well, I don’t plan on changing my hair soon. I did decide to change my site up a bit though. It looks more streamlined to me. Now, if I can just get to posting regularly. No pressure!

More what I believe more is…


So many things to do! I continue to be a work in progress and I am happy about that… as long as I am continuing to see some progress!

Quote Challenge – Day One

I was nominated to participate in the Quote Challenge. I will give it a go, and try not to slave over which quotes to use…many more favorites than three!


This challenge requires the nominee/s to do the following:

  • Post your 3 favorite quotes, one each for three consecutive days.
  • With each post nominate three bloggers for the challenge.
  • Recognize the blogger who nominated you.

Berryduchess nominated me. Check out her blog. She covers lots of fun and interesting topics.

My quote for day one…the first one that came to my mind…

“Be still and know”

stones and white sand 3

This quote is from the Bible. (Psalm 46:10) It is completed with “that I am God”.

In itself, this quote could lead to much discussion. What is your belief in God? Does it imply a rigid God? I could go on, but you can go where you might with these questions.

What I like about the quote is the “be still” part. We are so rarely still in this busy world. When we are still and we listen, we can hear/learn so much about ourselves, the world, others. Be still and know your own heart. Be still and hear the needs of others. Be still and know who/what your source (or higher power, or whatever word you would use for God) is.

My nominees for today are:

Alex – https://ontheroadgoingnowhere.wordpress.com/about/

Emily – http://emilyannlou.com/about/

Carrie – https://mamacarriemakes.wordpress.com/about/

So, thank you, Berryduchess. I am going to go away from the computer now and find a still place to just be for a few minutes! Hope everyone finds even little moments of still time today!