I am blessed with many friends. This week, I received a little gift from a friend…my crafting buddy and muse…

needles from Jude  Check her out.

It is a felt book to hold needles. It has a few pages and a great note, as you can see.

I also had a great Reiki session yesterday with another friend…a gift from a master.

Bend Reiki Logo Katlin Friedman at Bend Reiki Clinic

What this reminds me of today is how great it is to have friends and this little poem came to me:

Friends aren’t there to hold your hand…but they do!

Friends aren’t there to dry your tears…but they do!

Friends aren’t there to listen to you…but they do!

Friends aren’t there to give you gifts…but they do!

Friends are your best asset ever…but especially because with friends…


Happy friending!