River to Peace

There are many who claim to know the steps to peace. Here is one path I find to help…

steps to peace (Image copyright Valorie Webster. Words have been shared by many.)

Like everything, it is a process, and some days it works better than others, but let’s try to start here.

Happy acceptance!

February Happy Thoughts – more

I see many postings about spring being right around the corner. We all have spring fever. Yes, it will come and we will get three glorious seasons to enjoy. (Though winter has it’s beauty too!)

bee and flowers

It made me smile when I opened up this shallow depth of field shot and noticed the little buzzing buddy that graced the image…totally unplanned and fortuitous! These are the little things we need to watch for in life!

Happy Day…Happy Spring Dreaming!


World Windows – February 12, 2016

Hmmmm….somehow, this does not seem to have posted on February 12!

window_3065 web

Above is the view from the inside, looking out, of the abandoned Methodist Church in Grass Valley, Oregon. Yes, I ignored the “no trespassing” signs, like many have! I hope I am forgiven for that.

This may be one of the most photographed abandoned churches in Oregon. Here is a view from the outside…

old church_3072

There must be many stories to tell about events in and around this church, but I have not been able to unearth many.

What is your window on the world today?


Thursday Doors – February 11, 2016


Isn’t this so beautiful and colorful?!?

In Greece, the island of Sifnos…So many stories, pains, joys and blessings behind this curtain door. Sifnos boasts 365 churches…one for every day of the year. It is a small island and they take their spiritual homage seriously. We didn’t begin to see them all, but certainly some more will appear on my Thursday Doors posts in the future.

Thanks to Norm for hosting this challenge!

RE: Wordless Wednesday

I am posting this little commentary here mostly to ask a question…a debate I am having with myself. Any comments are welcome!

I keep asking myself if “WORDLESS Wednesday” doesn’t imply no words. I think it does. Myself, on the other hand, is more influenced by others who post with a title. So we disagree on this not-so-very-important subject.

It would seem that the image would inspire comments and it might be interesting to see those comments, unaffected by any title given. Reality seems to be that many of we bloggers don’t really have time, or take time, to comment…just hit the like button. That is ok with me…I get it! However, I reiterate, if I tell you something about my picture, will you be swayed to see it my way?

I will give an example and hope he doesn’t mind. If you don’t follow Norm, you would find him interesting and witty. His post today is titled “Love Your Earrings.” That drew me in, I was very curious to see what he had posted. If I go look at his picture without the title, what might I have noticed first?

Just a silly little thing that I spend too much time wondering about. What do you think?

Happy blogging!

Thursday Doors – February 4, 2016

BCN doorway

Traveling in the fall can mean many different experiences. So often, our travels tend to be in the summer months, know for vacations. That is one of the joys of retirement…no demanding schedules.

These beautiful doors were found in Barcelona, Spain. I am glad the trees were mostly bare, as the blue doors are fully visible. Love the complementary colors and all the different textures. Hope you enjoy this one too!