First Day of Fall!

framed leaves_8711 WEB

As the first day of fall arrives here in the United States, may you find joy in great things like rustling leaves, crackling fires, steaming mugs, cozy quilts, and cuddling!

Home Feels Welcome!

Flowers from IsraelFlowers from Israel…© Valorie Webster

We have just returned (very exhausted from the travel) after spending nearly a month in Israel and Greece. I looked through over 1000 images to find one to depict my feelings this morning. I decided on these flowers.

It takes me a while to sort through all the feelings I have after these trips, but today I want to say that I am grateful. We have so much in our country…some more than others, as in every country. Our worst days pale in comparison, however, to people who have lived their entire lives with religious wars, homes lost, all retirement funds stripped away and more. Yet, they continue…most with relative happiness.

If I write more blogs regarding this trip, there will be mixed emotions and differing opinions than you may have. That is okay. What I know, for myself, is that world travel points out all our differences…AND all our similarities.

Flowers seem to find a way to bloom everywhere! May we be at peace!

Safe With Me

I have wondered about Paper Piecing for a while now, but frankly, could not get my mind around it. When I saw the pattern for the safety pin, Safe With Me, I knew this was the one I wanted to try and so I delved in.

safetyImage © Valorie Webster

First, let me thank Craftsy and The Night Quilter for providing the free pattern.

I consider myself to be pretty crafty and a good sewist, since I have been sewing for about 50 years! That said, paper piecing took me some serious thought and this pattern is not exactly the easiest one to start with. After watching a couple of tutorial videos, I decided to just go for it. I am happy with the result. I love the white pin, signifying purity of heart and thought to me, and the bright Kaffe Fassett print, the colors representing the wide variety of people that the new (to the USA) symbol represents.

I do not choose to make this a political post! So, here are a couple of tips from a newbie at paper piecing:

  1. Choose a simple pattern to start with.
  2. Print your pattern on light-weight paper, if you can.
  3. Do use a smaller stitch length, but also DO remember that if you have to rip out a seam, those tiny stitches are a challenge. (The voice of experience!)
  4. As with all new things, give yourself permission to learn. Rome was not built in a day!
  5. Take it slow and steady. Think about the process. #3 above only came about because I got in a hurry and thought I had it all figured out! Slow and steady wins the race!

So here’s to trying a new project! Stretch yourself in different ways. It will expand your horizon!



Such a Fine Line

A shout out to the always inspiring blog alpha//whiskey//foxtrot, as her post today really touched me. Not one to dwell, at least verbally, on the negatives or dark side in my head, the following came as a result of several rough days and the blog shared above. Thanks again, AWF!!!

Such a Fine Line

Wherever you are today, I hope you are on the positive side of the line!


February Happy Thoughts – more

I see many postings about spring being right around the corner. We all have spring fever. Yes, it will come and we will get three glorious seasons to enjoy. (Though winter has it’s beauty too!)

bee and flowers

It made me smile when I opened up this shallow depth of field shot and noticed the little buzzing buddy that graced the image…totally unplanned and fortuitous! These are the little things we need to watch for in life!

Happy Day…Happy Spring Dreaming!


Reviewing, Rethinking and Reworking

We spend a lot of energy in January reflecting on the previous year and looking forward to the new one. I am not a big believer in resolutions, more in aspirations. That said, I do have some thoughts about this blogging process and how it has evolved for me.

I surpassed the one-year of blogging mark with what I might call less than stellar stats, according to my year in review. However, I am not unhappy with any of those numbers. I find it interesting that my blog is just like the name implies, all over the board in subject matter…or Facetfully.

Crunchy numbers

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 3,300 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 55 trips to carry that many people.

There were 313 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 650 MB. That’s about 6 pictures per week.

The busiest day of the year was June 22nd with 59 views. The most popular post that day was BOOM – Encouraging Thunder Award!.

Encouraging Thunder Award
Encouraging Thunder Award

Interesting that the busiest day was the day of one of my awards. One thing I may do is make this blog award-free…they are very nice, but very time-consuming, if done properly!

The awards I have received:

liebster-award  Liebster2 IMG_0727


It would be easy to think I need to focus more, but here’s the thing, I really enjoy my life and all the different facets of it, so why change it? If you are reading this, your blog may be about some specific thing…your health, crafting, travel, poetry…the list is endless. Maybe you manage multiple blogs by category. I can’t seem to find the time to blog regularly, much less manage multiple sites, nor do I want to.

My blogging patterns…not so compelling:

Longest Streak

15 June – 23 June

My most-read blogs:

A poem about Sisters and funny to me is one about Bras.

Readers visited from 70 countries, that seems amazing (and points out that many countries teach English, but that is another subject!)

I think my blog is simply for me and those who might want to read it. It is a minimal documentary of my life or feelings on any given day. If you follow along, great… and thanks! If not, I am okay with that. Maybe I will redesign the whole thing, who knows, but for now I am happy with what it is!

I really enjoy reading the blogs that I follow. I do, however, find it is another “time buster”. I don’t want to say “time waster” because you are all writing things I find interesting, or I would not be reading. So, I am planning to shift my reading/following plans this year. I will read the posts of those that I religiously follow and will be more selective on others. I will be scrolling through the subjects of the emails. It is certainly not a snub…just a way to try to manage my time and get a bit more done.

Why do you blog and do you have any plans for 2016 and your blogging habits? Here’s to a great 2016, in blogging and otherwise! May all you hope for come your way, and may what you have be enough!