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If you are a quilter, you must know of Yvonne at Quilting Jetgirl! Today she shared some really great tips on creativity. If you have not read them, check it out. And be sure to read the comments too, as many of her followers have posted some good ideas.






In a similar vein, Jacquelynne, at The Art of Home, shared some thoughts on finding time for creativity in an email to subscribers. There were lots of good ideas presented, but one thing that really rang true for me was this…”In order to say Yes to your priorities, you have to say No to something else.” I am not suggesting that we should all be neglecting other things in our lives, but it is so true…we can always find something else calling to us that creates guilt over spending time doing what we are passionate about.

So, today I say, “get creative”, “get going”, “do something YOU love”. Find your mojo or your juju or whatever you call it. Sew, paint, sing, dance, cook…whatever makes you happy deserves some dedicated time! I hope she won’t mind if I quote (and give her credit for) this…“The dishes can wait a little while, and chances are no one in the house will go naked if you fold the laundry tomorrow instead of today. It’s sooo easy to get caught up in the “should’s”, and the stuff that’s right in front of you, and forego what’s really important.”



What are you going to be doing?


As a side note, I will also throw in here what I bet some of you may be feeling…reading all the blogs I follow, Instagram, Facebook, etc. is eating up my time. Well, I am guilty of that, as well, but I will say that my creativity is also fed by those who inspire me via these sources! I am thankful for them! What’s a person to do?

Happy quilting…or whatever it is!

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Don’t Jump Ship, Change the Course — Sincerity, Sarcasm, and Stuff

I sometimes share the posts of this guy. He is a great writer and a deep thinker (which comes first,you may ask?) oh, and he is also my son!

In light of the current events, I find this post still inspiring. I, too, was not happy with the outcome of the election, but chose to stay fairly quiet (I Hate controvesy), but at what point do we stop being quiet? I will never be a rebel rouser, and I will likely remain mostly quiet, doing my thing where I can, but this climate thing has put me a bit closer to the edge. If our national government can’t/won’t step up, then it becomes vitally important that the local, “grass-roots”, movements step up.

I’m probably overreacting. It’s probably no big deal. This too shall certainly pass. Still, I’m genuinely concerned about the direction our country is heading. What direction, you ask? Increasing violence? Decreasing human rights? Social security running out? Healthcare in limbo? The economy? The threat of terrorism? These are all extremely valid concerns, but I’m most […]

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Are You There Yet?

light-in-heart-rumi(Image from the Internet)

Fred the Needle (aka Susanna Di Milo) posted a great and thought-provoking article on her blog last week.

Finding Your Passion…

If you read it, which I recommend, you will be certain to think about what you believe on the subject of finding your passion. Thank you for this, Susanna. I commented on the post and she asked me when I was a child, what did I want to be when I grew up. Interesting to remember that. I wanted to be a mom. I was very lucky to get to be that and honestly, it was probably my favorite job ever!

After that, I would say that I chose happy and have often said that the search for happiness led me down a long and winding road of, yes, some happiness, but lots of struggles and heartache too. It comes down to being all about choices and one choice might be to let everything be decided for you. I am not sure this is what Susanna means when she says your passion will seek you out. Or wait, maybe she does mean just that! I lived a long time just doing what came next…”one foot in front of the other” was my mantra, more or less. I think the Universe, or whatever you choose to call it…God, Spirit, Mother…may just know and keep directing us somehow.

Along the way though, you have to put yourself out there. You have to be open and try things and trust the guidance you are getting. You need to trust your own guidance too; your intuition, your gut. You will make some mistakes, most likely, but learn from them and get up to go again. It has been said that if you haven’t made some mistakes, you have not tried enough things.

In my lifetime, I have been a daughter, sister, mother, wife, aunt, friend, homemaker, sewist, photographer, writer, crafter, seeker, adventurer, lover, seller…gee, I have been blessed! And if I look back, I do believe something was guiding me. I am grateful. I am loved. I can finally say I am HAPPY!!! Happy is not about ego. Happy is not just about taking care of yourself. Happy means you can do much more for others. Happy means you can share light and joy in this world that really needs it.

How do you perceive the quest in your life for what you have been looking for? What has your greatest lesson been? Are you open to possibility? Do you have your blinders off so you can recognize the nudges you are getting?

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Web sales!!!!! — Welcome to The Dartmoor Yarn Company Blog

I’ve been saying web sales will arrive for so long, I’m not sure if any of you still believe me – I’m not sure I still believed me. But I finally clicked the button to go live and The Dartmoor yarn Company Shop is now open for business. Lovely Littlest has pawed over the pages […]

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If you are in the market…head on over and check out Dartmoor Yarn Company!


Sunshine Blogger Award

I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award on Valentine’s Day by Joyful2bee   It seems like a nice way to spread the love on that day, doesn’t it. She posts a variety of interesting and always sunny blogs, so go check her out!


It was interesting to me to get this nomination. I had just been reading some blogs where people were telling about themselves. It seems we don’t really know our blogosphere friends, but feel like we do, so this kind of thing helps. I had also thought I would make this blog a “no awards” blog. But, I had not stated that yet, so here goes. If you get nominated, don’t feel that the burden is heavy…it is really up to you. I think of these as ways to share the love and introduce bloggers!

Here are the Award Rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated you. (See above)
2. Answer the questions from your nominator.(See Below)
3. Nominate eleven other bloggers and give them eleven questions.(See further below.)

The 11 questions are

1. What inspired you to start writing? I was never really much of a writer. It just kind of came up when, as a photographer, a local magazine asked me to do some articles along with images. That turned into a few years of writing little blurbs to 2500 word stories.I liked it. Sometimes challenging and sometimes fun, it was certainly a time/way of growth and pushing the envelope a bit.

2.  How are you inspired to write your blog? To be completely honest, it was totally about trying to figure out how to promote my Etsy shop. I do love crafting and the shop does a bit here and there, but in reality, the blog has become sort of a fun place to share photos, thoughts, crafts, life…that is why I call it Facetfully, like the Etsy shop, because it could be anything. I am fully faceted!!!!! LOL

3.  If you could spend a day with a historical person, who would you chose? Wow…there have been so many interesting people and so many reasons they are famous! I often think I would like to discover more of myself by living in solitude. How much could I endure the quiet? How much could I do for myself? I mean living away from the masses. I am not sure who that person would be. There are articles about people who have done it. I read a book once about a woman who did it in her own way, Where God Begins To Be, A Woman’s Journey into Solitude by Karen Karper. So, I will look her up and see if we can meet! It really gave me the desire…and I think I may have been a pioneer, in a prior life. Of course, I would need the Internet, so I could blog about it!

4.  What would you want to talk about with this person? The tests, the trials, the fears, what they learned about themselves. For me, this is not because I don’t like people…I do! It would be about those tests, etc. and for the mystical experience I hope would come from it.

5.  What era would you like to live in? I am a person who loves to experience things. I like living right now, but would like to try being a pioneer, as mentioned above.

6.  If you could be an animal what would it be and why? I am not really into animals much. I think a bird though. Just imagine all you could see from your perch or in flight! And it seems they don’t worry. Worry is a waste of time and energy!

7.  Who has influenced your life the most? Well, I would say my father first. Next would be my husband, who has allowed me to grow and stretch and try things and always encourages and supports me.

8. What do you enjoy writing about most? It varies! I don’t know if I enjoy posting more or reading the posts of the blogs I follow. They both seem to take quite a bit of time.

9.  While writing your blog posts, do you go over it repeatedly and edit or do you just write it out and post it? Most of the time, I just let it spill onto the page, as it comes out of my mind. I try to catch spelling errors, etc. We each blog for whatever reason, but they are ours to do with as we feel on any given post. Just do no harm!!!!

10.  What part of nature do you identify with most? I love the wind, except when I lived in Topeka, KS and thought I might die in a tornado one day. I grew up with the threat of tornadoes and was never afraid. That day, I was so afraid I might never see my children again. I won’t forget that feeling! BTW, the building next to mine was leveled!!!!!

11.  What makes you most worried about your blog? Nothing! It is a place to BE, to SHARE and it is mine. Why worry?

So, there you have it for this post! I welcome your comments!

My 11 nominees for the Sunshine Award are listed below. As I said, no pressure here. These are bloggers I enjoy and cover a gamut of subjects. Many of them have loads of followers, so don’t need the introduction…this is just my place to share them and compliment them.

  1. – I enjoy his photos and words that go along. Sometimes inspiring, funny, quirky…and a quick, easy read/look!
  2. – Speaking of quirky…this one is! I enjoy the way she thinks, even if I don’t always agree, but I often do!
  3. – Stunning thoughts and images…usually in black and white…she inspires me!
  4. – Norm, the grumpy old man, as he calls himself, though he doesn’t really seem so, offers up great images and a Thursday Doors challenge that I follow!
  5. – This one is about fitness, health, minimalism, saving and more. He shares some great insights that are thought-provoking!
  6. – If you craft or quilt, this one will give you some great ideas! AND she is my Sew Mate!
  7. – An0ther quilter…one of my newest passions. I hope to meet her the next time I go to Greece!
  8. – I feel like I know Jo, as she shares the triumphs and turmoils of remodeling their home. AND she is having tea soon…I am going in virtual reality!
  9. – Beautiful photos and feeding my wanderlust. I love France and enjoy this inspiration here!
  10. – This blogger speaks to food, travel and other fun and inspiring things. I tell you, she should write for pay!
  11. – Certainly not least, Scotty73, known to me as Brad, my son, of whom I am so proud! He blogs about life and being a stay-at-home dad…at least for now. I hope he can continue this and will continuing sharing his wit and wisdom! No, son, you do not HAVE to do this award thing!!!

The questions I am going to ask? Well, I was comfortable with the ones above, so I am taking the easy way out and being a copy cat! If you decide to participate, just answer the same questions! Go ahead, you can do it!

So…there you have it! My Sunshine Blogger Award post and some sharing. I started following a few new blogs this year and there are so many good ones out there. It is my decision to really FOLLOW some and those are included above, which means a lot of reading and I get to see how people evolve, in some cases, and make virtual friends. I hope I get to meet them along the way in some of my travels. Also, note that I don’t think I should renominate the giver of this award, but check her out (see above).

AND FACETFULLY IS NOW AN AWARD-FREE BLOG…but thanks to those who have honored me thus far!

Happy Blogging!

Reviewing, Rethinking and Reworking

We spend a lot of energy in January reflecting on the previous year and looking forward to the new one. I am not a big believer in resolutions, more in aspirations. That said, I do have some thoughts about this blogging process and how it has evolved for me.

I surpassed the one-year of blogging mark with what I might call less than stellar stats, according to my year in review. However, I am not unhappy with any of those numbers. I find it interesting that my blog is just like the name implies, all over the board in subject matter…or Facetfully.

Crunchy numbers

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 3,300 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 55 trips to carry that many people.

There were 313 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 650 MB. That’s about 6 pictures per week.

The busiest day of the year was June 22nd with 59 views. The most popular post that day was BOOM – Encouraging Thunder Award!.

Encouraging Thunder Award
Encouraging Thunder Award

Interesting that the busiest day was the day of one of my awards. One thing I may do is make this blog award-free…they are very nice, but very time-consuming, if done properly!

The awards I have received:

liebster-award  Liebster2 IMG_0727


It would be easy to think I need to focus more, but here’s the thing, I really enjoy my life and all the different facets of it, so why change it? If you are reading this, your blog may be about some specific thing…your health, crafting, travel, poetry…the list is endless. Maybe you manage multiple blogs by category. I can’t seem to find the time to blog regularly, much less manage multiple sites, nor do I want to.

My blogging patterns…not so compelling:

Longest Streak

15 June – 23 June

My most-read blogs:

A poem about Sisters and funny to me is one about Bras.

Readers visited from 70 countries, that seems amazing (and points out that many countries teach English, but that is another subject!)

I think my blog is simply for me and those who might want to read it. It is a minimal documentary of my life or feelings on any given day. If you follow along, great… and thanks! If not, I am okay with that. Maybe I will redesign the whole thing, who knows, but for now I am happy with what it is!

I really enjoy reading the blogs that I follow. I do, however, find it is another “time buster”. I don’t want to say “time waster” because you are all writing things I find interesting, or I would not be reading. So, I am planning to shift my reading/following plans this year. I will read the posts of those that I religiously follow and will be more selective on others. I will be scrolling through the subjects of the emails. It is certainly not a snub…just a way to try to manage my time and get a bit more done.

Why do you blog and do you have any plans for 2016 and your blogging habits? Here’s to a great 2016, in blogging and otherwise! May all you hope for come your way, and may what you have be enough!