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I doubt that any of you have ever had this issue, but for a long time, I have been amazed with the speed at which people complete their “quilts.” I’ve always thought of a quilt as a project that was bed-sized…even if for a baby bed. Yes, I have enjoyed participating in swaps, but actually never thought of those finished pieces as quilts. I have called them “minis”… and not the same, in my opinion.

Keeping track of our finishes is one thing, but finished quilts, another. Well, guess what? I think I will be having a lot more finished QUILTS in 2018 because, since paying more attention, I see that they can be any size!!!! I plan to adopt that thinking.

So, how do you feel about this subject? What do you call a “quilt”?

Here’s to finishing…I’d better run away and work on one! Planning to work on my Caribean Courthouse Steps next…one of my 1Q 2018 FAL items…

Caribean Courthouse Steps flimsy


BTW, what size to you think this one is??? A picture can be very deceiving as to the size of these beauties!

Happy Quilting…and finishing!

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12 thoughts on “One of many questions…

  1. I agree I am curious at the speed which some people complete quilts and I don’t know what’s wrong with me ha ha ha ha! Give me a quilt is something that you can cuddle under whether it’s a baby cuddling under it or a child or a grown human otherwise it’s a wallhanging 😀

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  2. I agree with Debbie W. Quilting is the process of stitching through the three layers. A quilt is an object that has three layers and has been stitched through (with continuous lines of stitching, as opposed to tied, which is more likely to be called a comforter or coverlet.) So it really doesn’t matter what size it is, because size doesn’t define it. As for me, I don’t make many small items. Each year I do a set of placemats or two, or a table runner, or a chess board, or that type of thing. But most of my time and effort is spent on larger things like lap quilts and bed quilts. Huh. Well, I really don’t call those little things “quilts,” but technically they still are. 🙂

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  3. A friend of mine belongs to SAQA and she was making a quilt of the month – 12″ square. I have a list of “finishes,” which doesn’t say “quilt” but includes “wallhangings,” “mug rugs,” etc. But I think I finished 15 quilts last year from wallhanging to queen sized…

    And is your Courthouse Steps 24″ x 18″?

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  4. Size isn’t really important to me, and I tend to agree with Debbie W above. Though minis (maybe 24″ or less?), mini
    minis and mug rugs are in a different category it seems. Even QuiltCon considers ‘small quilts’ show worthy.

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