A Perfect Helper in my Sewing Room!

I feel very fortunate to have a wonderful space for my sewing, quilting, and crafting. It brings me joy and I spend as much time there as I can! I was reminded of a handy little extra I use when I read the blog post by Yvonne, @Quilting JetGirl, about her portable design board.

It starts with a tray table…20180110_155742_2

You know, one of those things that our parents had around back in the day, made of metal with wobbly legs! My DH hates the idea of them…oh, unless it is dinner time and he wants to watch football in the tv room! (Another story!)

Note that I use the up and down motion of moving from chair at machine to ironing board and design wall as exercise, but sometimes it is just too much. Little pieces that need to be pressed with every little seam, etc.! So, I tried using this as an extention of my sewing table. I covered it with a pressing mat that is made for a regular table. (I like the side with the measurements marked, but it also has the shiny ironing side.) For starters, I used a simple placemat to iron on. You can make your own with fun fabrics and some batting. The possibilities are endless.

You can see in the pictures above that it sits right beside me in handy reach. Oh and look what else…another one is holding my scraps, as I work!

One more picture shows yet another tray table in use on the OTHER side of me…


This one works for quick trimming of the little projects I am working on.

So, I may not get as much exercise, but these are sure convenient! I don’t have to keep them up all the time, as they are very portable, so there is much flexibility.

I am surrounded…and loving every minute of it all!


Thanks for reading! Do you have any handy tips for us?

Happy Quilting!


12 thoughts on “A Perfect Helper in my Sewing Room!

  1. That’s a great set up you have. Being more efficient with your workspace saves time – so you have the option of spending more time sewing or getting some exercise instead!

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  2. Looks like you’ve got a set up that really works for you! I have to say is be absolutely terrified of sitting so near an iron. Is he just the kind of person to reach across and forget it was there. But then I am terrified of irons to begin with haha

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  3. What a lovely and efficient layout you’ve created. Is that a plexiglass piece surrounding your sewing machine making a level surface so fabric can just glide through the needle area without making a big leap from the table top? That would be ever so practical. Would you share whether it was custom made (by hubby or some other talented friend) or sourced from a supplier (and their contact info, please)? That would be a terrific addition to my little sewing corner. I wouldn’t even have to engrave your name on it to remember where I learned of it.

    I’m enjoying your quilting blog. Who knows? I’m about to reach saturation point where the good ideas and great inspiration overflow into a quilting project of my own. Might be soon. Meanwhile, happy quilting. Hugs…

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    1. Hi there! Always nice to hear from you! The sewing table is made by Sew Steady…I think it was around $100 dollars at the sewing store in JoAnn’s. Seems spend, but really worth it! Happy creating!


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