First Week of the Year

is January and we all start out with great intentions! The gyms are overloaded, the resolutions are recorded, the plans are in place…and who will follow through? I am not big on resolutions, but I do hope to keep up this blog about my quilting journey, so let’s get to that!

Jan goals

I am setting off to make wonky stars for my first bee in 2018, “Wonky Stars 2018”, coordinated by Rachel Lancer, @bylancer.  This is my first “bee” and I am excited because you end up with several blocks and therefore, a good start to a project, rather than just one block.

On my priority list for January (seems like a good idea to plan a month at a time…so maybe I won’t feel like I failed!):

  1. Organize – my room, my thoughts, my plans…CHECK! That is until I started the next project!!!
  2. Wonky Stars – I am doing improv stars, though I have patterns from @JeliQuilts and @sewhookedjen. There are others out there and I appreciate the willingness of people who create and share their efforts. I am using the improv technique, as I got into that last year with Debbie, @aquilterstable, and love it!

    wonky stars 2
    start to the wonky stars
  3. 2018 Stash Bee – This is another bee I have joined. This one is coordinated by Diana, @reddeliciouslife. I am in Hive 5 and Cathleen, @kitchkouture, is the hive mama. I will not be Queen Bee until August, but there is a block to make each month. Fun!
  4. MQG Swap – This happens at QuiltCon West in February, so more to come on that, but I must get to work on this.

SEW everyone…I am off to a good start and hope that you are too! Until next time…

Happy Quilting!




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