Don’t Jump Ship, Change the Course — Sincerity, Sarcasm, and Stuff

I sometimes share the posts of this guy. He is a great writer and a deep thinker (which comes first,you may ask?) oh, and he is also my son!

In light of the current events, I find this post still inspiring. I, too, was not happy with the outcome of the election, but chose to stay fairly quiet (I Hate controvesy), but at what point do we stop being quiet? I will never be a rebel rouser, and I will likely remain mostly quiet, doing my thing where I can, but this climate thing has put me a bit closer to the edge. If our national government can’t/won’t step up, then it becomes vitally important that the local, “grass-roots”, movements step up.

I’m probably overreacting. It’s probably no big deal. This too shall certainly pass. Still, I’m genuinely concerned about the direction our country is heading. What direction, you ask? Increasing violence? Decreasing human rights? Social security running out? Healthcare in limbo? The economy? The threat of terrorism? These are all extremely valid concerns, but I’m most […]

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