A Quick Question

In my absence from posting to my blog regularly, I have been reading a few posts here and there. My email is full of notifications of posts by the bloggers I follow. My simple question…

Do you get email notifications on all the bloggers you follow or follow via the reader?

email or reader

I may be out of sight, but you are not out of mind! Trying to decide how to be more efficient.


7 thoughts on “A Quick Question

  1. I receive All emails of followers. Didn’t realize how prolific some bloggers are on their posts and I am behind on reading posts. Will soon have to look for an app that reads the blog to me while I listen but I might miss the visual posts. 😊

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  2. I only work through email. As far as I can tell reader is flaky at times. Plus I don’t think people get a view (for the statistics) when you like through the reader. I prefer to use email. What I usually do is open a bunch at the same time and hit like (50 or more emails). Then I will go through and comment on those that I like. Then shut the browser down. Now if you missed a whole lot. I would just delete all the email and start from scratch.

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  3. Both. I get email updates when a new post is published from almost all of the blogs I follow. If I get 1 or 2 emails, I might read the post right there in my inbox but if I get a lot I usually go straight to Reader. I try to scroll through my Reader every other day but like to have the emails to remind to me to do so.

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  4. WordPress…Reader, 2 different animals. I get reader notification on WordPress and updates in my Google now on people I follow in reader. Does this help? How I’m understanding the question…

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