Thursday Doors -July 7, 2016

I realized that it is Thursday and that I have been saving a picture for Thursday Doors for a long time. I planned to post it on or about July 3, you can guess why from the image. I guess I am not too late and since July 3 was not a Thursday, I am not going to beat myself up!

Located in rural Oregon…

2006 SEPT Kingsley - Dufur trip 002

The old jail, dated July 3, 1918, still stands. No longer used, it is still a reminder that these are not places you want to go!

Thanks to Norm for hosting…check out his and other Thursday Doors Posts!


A Quick Question

In my absence from posting to my blog regularly, I have been reading a few posts here and there. My email is full of notifications of posts by the bloggers I follow. My simple question…

Do you get email notifications on all the bloggers you follow or follow via the reader?

email or reader

I may be out of sight, but you are not out of mind! Trying to decide how to be more efficient.