World Windows – April 22, 2016

CAM00013© Valorie Webster

Isn’t it just warm and welcoming to look through this window? I can be sure it is worth going inside this restaurant, as we had no bad meals in Sicily!

What windows have you been peeking into? Feel free to share a post in the comments below. If you do, please tag your post World Windows.

Thanks for peering in along with me!

3 thoughts on “World Windows – April 22, 2016

  1. Oh, Facetfully…I have a confession to make. I am a late night, lighted window voyeur! Whenever I drive through a neighborhood at night, I always hope people have not yet pulled their shades, because I love to peek into the warmth of their homes. Not in a stalkerish sort of way, mind you. It gives me just the cozy feeling you shared above!

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