26 Weeks Letter Challenge – D

Am I behind? I think I am still within the right week, but going on a trip gets me all discombobulated…now there is a D word!

At any rate, I am following Lumar’s Challenge with the letter  IMG_8840  this week. Check it out and join in, if it appeals to you!

IMG_4176 Welcome to my post…which Doorbell would you ring?

IMG_3030 (2)


Now that you are here, let’s roll the Dice and see what we get. (A little lesson here…historically, die was the singular for dice. Today it is one dice or two.)



We must have our animal for the week…

how about a Drenched Dog, dear….oops, I meant Deer!

IMG_8669_7660 It seems no one likes to go to the Doctor, but this guy looks pretty nice and his assistant is just plain pretty!


I think we should wrap this week up with a beautiful spring image…Dogwoods!

Thanks for looking and reading my lighthearted approach to the letter D!

All images © Valorie Webster

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