26 Weeks Letter Challenge – C

Lumar inspired me to try this challenge…so far, so good! Join in?

This is for the week of C:

IMG_5290_4863 If you happen to be following this letter challenge with me, you may wonder why I have so many pictures of letters. Well, I didn’t have a good c, but the reason I have letters at all is for use in montages…a creative and fun way of expressing that I learned from Carol Leigh some time ago. She does some fascinating work!

So, here we go…let’s see what I can find to post this week!

Carrot Curls_7054  Carrot curls

Cat…trying to hide in the shrubs and shade…
kitty in the shade

Colorful spirals_9494_0069 Colorful coils…though they are really slinkeys, that doesn’t start with c!

IMG_9347 Casting…could say catching too, but that is not guaranteed!

And the last selection this week is Checks…a digital image I created…



All images © Valorie Webster

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