Such good insight for all of us…I had to reblog this, which is written by my son.

Words No One is Reading

Photo Credit: A Photographer
If you’re one of the seven people who read my blog regularly, you know that I quit my job — no my career — almost a year ago to pursue happiness. I spent about six incredible months as a stay-at-home dad, and have been working as a substitute teacher since school started. I love being a sub and working with kids. It’s challenging, rewarding, and sometimes I’m lucky enough to work in the same school as my kids, which is pretty cool for all of us.

Back when I worked for “the man,” there was a trendy deli in a quaint neighborhood that I went to often for lunch. Okay, it was actually a Subway, but this particular location truly had some of the freshest ingredients, and it was in a cool part of town. It backed up to a park bordered on the far side…

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Being Pampered

My husband takes good care of me and once in a while he even makes dinner!




The end result…a beautiful, health-filled plate. Fresh cod with homemade tapenade, steamed broccoli and a small potato. It was delicious and I am grateful!


World Windows – February 12, 2016

Hmmmm….somehow, this does not seem to have posted on February 12!

window_3065 web

Above is the view from the inside, looking out, of the abandoned Methodist Church in Grass Valley, Oregon. Yes, I ignored the “no trespassing” signs, like many have! I hope I am forgiven for that.

This may be one of the most photographed abandoned churches in Oregon. Here is a view from the outside…

old church_3072

There must be many stories to tell about events in and around this church, but I have not been able to unearth many.

What is your window on the world today?



US Presidents(image from Internet)

It is President’s Day. I am virtually apolitical. I respect the office, would not want the job, enjoy living in the US, etc.

The current campaign is garnering more of my attention. Is it because I am older, wiser or just afraid? I AM older, I hope to be wiser and I think fear is not good for much, except perhaps to make us think/move in some direction.

I won’t post opinions here, and rarely give my opinion on politics, even by voice. I hate to discuss anything with people who can not agree to disagree, if they do disagree. Isn’t this what our country is about…freedom?

So, if  you see this day as simply a day off from work/school, if you have strong opinions about the upcoming elections, if you are concerned for our country…whatever you feel on the subject, I hope you  have a good day.

If you choose to comment here, please keep it to a friendly banter. We don’t have to agree, but I will remove hateful comments.

Thanks to all the presidents who have served and even lost their lives in service. Historically, I believe the intentions of each were good.


Valentine’s Day…Love is more than that!


If marriage/partnership is part of your life, may it hold this level of commitment.

Love is not always easy, but it can be easier than some make it.

Share with your partner all that matters to you…trust him to listen.

Love you partner like you might not get another day to do so…you might not.

Remember that loving people is so much more important than loving things                                    …they can love you back.

Know that if you don’t have a “partner” now, you have many who you can love                              … family, friends, even strangers                                                                                                                 …love them!

Last, but not least, it is not selfish to love yourself…                                                                                 if you don’t, you can’t do much to love others well.

Love is what we need more of!

Five Little Reminders for You, on Valentine’s Day

Sharing a post from a blogger I have really been inspired by. Happy Valentine’s Day…May you be inspired by the kind of love that makes you feel whole!



True story?

For almost a decade now, I’ve slept with my body curled tight against my husband’s.  I’ve woken to his heartbeat, and shared in his dreams. 

We have every reason to celebrate, but still:  I have some very mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day.

I don’t know why, but this year I’ve felt painfully aware of how the holiday pressures people into making commitments they’re not ready to make…   They say words that don’t feel right yet.   They buy rings they can’t afford, and make promises they’re not sure they want to keep. They make love that isn’t love at all … And that makes me sad.

If you’re reading this today and you’re feeling like a flower forced into bloom, I hope you’ll hear these words and take a little courage …


Five Things We Already Know, But Keep Forgetting:

1) You don’t have to spend this evening with anybody…

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WORLD WINDOWS – February 13, 2016

IMG_5934 I like looking at, notice I say at not into, windows at night. The truth is, I probably like looking into them, as well. Not because I am of the “peeping” sort, but because they seem so warm and inviting. It feels like home. I figure that if people don’t want you to see, they would close the window, right?

Seeing and feeling how people live is one reason I like to travel so much.

This picture was taken in Greece again, on that wonderful island of Sifnos. Yes, there was someone standing inside, but I waited to get far enough past for them to be out of view. I didn’t stand and stare, but noticed the warm light against the darkness.

What do you like about windows? Are you a “peeper”?