Sunshine Blogger Award

I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award on Valentine’s Day by Joyful2bee   It seems like a nice way to spread the love on that day, doesn’t it. She posts a variety of interesting and always sunny blogs, so go check her out!


It was interesting to me to get this nomination. I had just been reading some blogs where people were telling about themselves. It seems we don’t really know our blogosphere friends, but feel like we do, so this kind of thing helps. I had also thought I would make this blog a “no awards” blog. But, I had not stated that yet, so here goes. If you get nominated, don’t feel that the burden is heavy…it is really up to you. I think of these as ways to share the love and introduce bloggers!

Here are the Award Rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated you. (See above)
2. Answer the questions from your nominator.(See Below)
3. Nominate eleven other bloggers and give them eleven questions.(See further below.)

The 11 questions are

1. What inspired you to start writing? I was never really much of a writer. It just kind of came up when, as a photographer, a local magazine asked me to do some articles along with images. That turned into a few years of writing little blurbs to 2500 word stories.I liked it. Sometimes challenging and sometimes fun, it was certainly a time/way of growth and pushing the envelope a bit.

2.  How are you inspired to write your blog? To be completely honest, it was totally about trying to figure out how to promote my Etsy shop. I do love crafting and the shop does a bit here and there, but in reality, the blog has become sort of a fun place to share photos, thoughts, crafts, life…that is why I call it Facetfully, like the Etsy shop, because it could be anything. I am fully faceted!!!!! LOL

3.  If you could spend a day with a historical person, who would you chose? Wow…there have been so many interesting people and so many reasons they are famous! I often think I would like to discover more of myself by living in solitude. How much could I endure the quiet? How much could I do for myself? I mean living away from the masses. I am not sure who that person would be. There are articles about people who have done it. I read a book once about a woman who did it in her own way, Where God Begins To Be, A Woman’s Journey into Solitude by Karen Karper. So, I will look her up and see if we can meet! It really gave me the desire…and I think I may have been a pioneer, in a prior life. Of course, I would need the Internet, so I could blog about it!

4.  What would you want to talk about with this person? The tests, the trials, the fears, what they learned about themselves. For me, this is not because I don’t like people…I do! It would be about those tests, etc. and for the mystical experience I hope would come from it.

5.  What era would you like to live in? I am a person who loves to experience things. I like living right now, but would like to try being a pioneer, as mentioned above.

6.  If you could be an animal what would it be and why? I am not really into animals much. I think a bird though. Just imagine all you could see from your perch or in flight! And it seems they don’t worry. Worry is a waste of time and energy!

7.  Who has influenced your life the most? Well, I would say my father first. Next would be my husband, who has allowed me to grow and stretch and try things and always encourages and supports me.

8. What do you enjoy writing about most? It varies! I don’t know if I enjoy posting more or reading the posts of the blogs I follow. They both seem to take quite a bit of time.

9.  While writing your blog posts, do you go over it repeatedly and edit or do you just write it out and post it? Most of the time, I just let it spill onto the page, as it comes out of my mind. I try to catch spelling errors, etc. We each blog for whatever reason, but they are ours to do with as we feel on any given post. Just do no harm!!!!

10.  What part of nature do you identify with most? I love the wind, except when I lived in Topeka, KS and thought I might die in a tornado one day. I grew up with the threat of tornadoes and was never afraid. That day, I was so afraid I might never see my children again. I won’t forget that feeling! BTW, the building next to mine was leveled!!!!!

11.  What makes you most worried about your blog? Nothing! It is a place to BE, to SHARE and it is mine. Why worry?

So, there you have it for this post! I welcome your comments!

My 11 nominees for the Sunshine Award are listed below. As I said, no pressure here. These are bloggers I enjoy and cover a gamut of subjects. Many of them have loads of followers, so don’t need the introduction…this is just my place to share them and compliment them.

  1. – I enjoy his photos and words that go along. Sometimes inspiring, funny, quirky…and a quick, easy read/look!
  2. – Speaking of quirky…this one is! I enjoy the way she thinks, even if I don’t always agree, but I often do!
  3. – Stunning thoughts and images…usually in black and white…she inspires me!
  4. – Norm, the grumpy old man, as he calls himself, though he doesn’t really seem so, offers up great images and a Thursday Doors challenge that I follow!
  5. – This one is about fitness, health, minimalism, saving and more. He shares some great insights that are thought-provoking!
  6. – If you craft or quilt, this one will give you some great ideas! AND she is my Sew Mate!
  7. – An0ther quilter…one of my newest passions. I hope to meet her the next time I go to Greece!
  8. – I feel like I know Jo, as she shares the triumphs and turmoils of remodeling their home. AND she is having tea soon…I am going in virtual reality!
  9. – Beautiful photos and feeding my wanderlust. I love France and enjoy this inspiration here!
  10. – This blogger speaks to food, travel and other fun and inspiring things. I tell you, she should write for pay!
  11. – Certainly not least, Scotty73, known to me as Brad, my son, of whom I am so proud! He blogs about life and being a stay-at-home dad…at least for now. I hope he can continue this and will continuing sharing his wit and wisdom! No, son, you do not HAVE to do this award thing!!!

The questions I am going to ask? Well, I was comfortable with the ones above, so I am taking the easy way out and being a copy cat! If you decide to participate, just answer the same questions! Go ahead, you can do it!

So…there you have it! My Sunshine Blogger Award post and some sharing. I started following a few new blogs this year and there are so many good ones out there. It is my decision to really FOLLOW some and those are included above, which means a lot of reading and I get to see how people evolve, in some cases, and make virtual friends. I hope I get to meet them along the way in some of my travels. Also, note that I don’t think I should renominate the giver of this award, but check her out (see above).

AND FACETFULLY IS NOW AN AWARD-FREE BLOG…but thanks to those who have honored me thus far!

Happy Blogging!

3 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. I totally understand about the burden of this award. Two friends at different times gave me some similar awards. I was just getting started and refused. At the time, I felt like they asked me out of desperation for other candidates. Now that I have some blogs under my belt, I see the award as a good way to meet others and let them see a little of who I was. So that is why you and the others were nominated.I wanted to get to know my favorite bloggers better. Thank you for participating.


  2. Thanks for the award, Valorie. I will respectfully decline answering the questions except to say I have found many nice people from blogging that I wouldn’t otherwise have met — even though virtually. BTW I have friends in Bend. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

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