February Happy Thoughts – more

I see many postings about spring being right around the corner. We all have spring fever. Yes, it will come and we will get three glorious seasons to enjoy. (Though winter has it’s beauty too!)

bee and flowers

It made me smile when I opened up this shallow depth of field shot and noticed the little buzzing buddy that graced the image…totally unplanned and fortuitous! These are the little things we need to watch for in life!

Happy Day…Happy Spring Dreaming!


4 thoughts on “February Happy Thoughts – more

  1. Lovely photo and yes, it is the little things we need to make life wonderful, I am finally getting back to that, i think… thank you for your support through your kind words on my poetry, you are a wonderful person and I appreciate you very much. Michelle 🙂

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    1. We are all traveling a journey together and I think we bloggers feel that a lot. If I can’t read most of the posts on the blogs I follow, I am likely not to keep following. It is important to me and I start to feel connected. You have been through a tough part of life and I really enjoy seeing that you are finding your way through it. All the best!


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