5 Rewards of Being Minimalist

Minimalism is, indeed, the trend. That is a good thing. With all that I am seeing, I may post on this myself sometime soon. I am now following this blogger. My favorite part about what is said here is the part about increased clarity and gratitude! What do you think about minimalism?

The Minimalists Next Door

itty bitty houseOur weekly staff meeting was about to start but the chatter had yet to die down. The topic – tiny houses. “I can’t even turn on HGTV anymore on Fridays,” Kathy said. “It’s all tiny houses and I just don’t get it.” I smiled to myself, that smile of knowing oh-so-well just what Kathy didn’t get. Living in a tiny home is an exercise in minimalism and minimalism is a hard concept for a lot of folks to grasp. It is after all, the antithesis of the American Dream. Instead of bigger and more, you have to embrace smaller and less. To confirm my thoughts, Kathy added in an exasperated voice (as if the mere thought of tiny houses might drive her to drink), “Just where would I put all my stuff?”

Tiny house or no tiny house, minimalism is not without its own rewards. We’ve found that being a minimalist has given us:

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3 thoughts on “5 Rewards of Being Minimalist

  1. I experienced some of the benefits of minimalism as I downsized after Bob’s passing. As each piece of furniture left with its new owner and each parcel of contributed items was delivered to the selected mission or charity, the weight of ownership and stewardship lessened. This feeling of lightness both surprised and delighted me, and served as strong motivation for further reduction.

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