Thursday Doors – January 28, 2016


A flashback for my husband, as we visited his old school, George Washington HS – San Francisco, CA., for his 50th reunion. I tried to get him to tell me how often he went through this door…no reply. Seriously, I think he was harmless in this respect back then, but it was fun!

How were your high school days?

19 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – January 28, 2016

      1. I think the older I get the more I realize I have always done what I was supposed to do or what was expected. Not because anyone explicitly told me to, but because I have always been a pleaser and a bit of a perfectionist and have done what I thought I “should” do. I think I would have turned out just fine and maybe even better if I had screwed up on occasion or taken a few risks! Within reason, of course!

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        1. My husband has tried to teach me there should be no “shoulds”. That said, we all know there are…even he knows! It sounds like I am a lot like you in this regard, though there are a few things I wonder how I even survived! I have screwed up plenty. I do love an adventure, but that is defined differently by each person. It is not too late to take some chances! Thanks for the reply!

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          1. Too funny…I had the conversation about “shoulds” with my husband the other day. He says it all the time and I explained that it is sort of a guilt trip! I feel like I have been taking more chances of late (like doing this blog, for instance, and putting myself out there) but I am making a really big change starting next week. Brand new job in a brand new industry! Definitely a risk but a calculated one.

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        2. PS…thanks for the follow! I looked at your front door blog and wow, what information you include! May e it is my tabket, but I can’t see that you allow comments. I will reciprocate the follow, bit fear I won’t be able to comment! 😯

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  1. I think I knew where the principal’s office was but I was never inside and I have no idea the name of my principal nor his assistants. I fly under the radar still. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

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  2. LOL! I’m just down the road a piece south of that city. But my childhood memories of the Principals Office are vivid, and they aren’t about me! There was a boy in my elementary school that got sent to the Principal’s Office daily. Back then we had corporal punishment in school. My memory is from my 5th grade year. The classroom window faced the Office where the Principal had his office. I can see it as clearly as I can see this computer monitor…the paddle raising and lowering and knowing that kid who was a friend and lived on my street was getting a good paddling…again! I’m sitting here typing this shaking my head feeling so bad for him. STILL after all these years. He was just a boy doing what a lot of boys do. He was funny, silly, gross, and a class cut up, who walked me home, and carried my books when I had an arm load for homework. I hope he still is funny and sweet, but he’s learned when it’s appropriate to be gross and gross. 🙂
    My parents moved the family that year to Northern California to advance their careers, and I lost touch with everyone there.

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  3. I was a smart, “good” girl. I asked lots of questions which drove other kids nuts but I wanted to learn.
    Had a circle of other friends of similar backgrounds. Loved high school. But I was not an athlete nor was I ever one of the popular girls.

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