Dinner Guests Tonight


I am really enjoying cooking lately! I think we are all so used to the taste of processed food, our palates may need awakening.

We have guests tonight, so I started early today. Homemade crackers, homemade pie and the bread is rising in the background. I am having fun and the house smells great!

The main courses will have to be made and served right off the stove.

What do you like to cook? Or do you?

One thought on “Dinner Guests Tonight

  1. Being a single woman and having cooked mostly hamburger dishes for over 36 years, I buy rotisserie chicken, cut it up and freeze it. I use the chicken in healthy frozen pizzas with mushrooms, mozzarella, and various vegetables. I also buy frozen cooked shrimp to add as well. I do buy dried ingredient soups and add frozen veggies, mushrooms, and thawed, cooked pork roast, roast beef, or chicken. I freeze helping size portions for later.

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