MLQC Update

The January project for My Lucky Quilting Club is finished!

It was a lesson for me in multiple things. The January MLQC lesson was in making and using bias tape. That was a good lesson. Not only did I learn about the process, I learned about the different tools and which brand I like better. I also learned how to stretch the tape, just a bit, to apply it neatly and without too many puckers on the curves.

So, as noted in previous posts, I decided to make a table runner, rather than the 9-block top suggested. Since I am a fairly new quilter, I decided to also try the quilt-as-you-go process. I really enjoyed quilting the individual blocks. I decided to stay with a modern theme and follow the random lines of the tape. Now, joining the squares should be pretty easy. I must need more practice on this. However, by the fourth joint, I did not have to pull any stitches out! Yay!!!

I felt the greys needed some color, so I chose the modern print with blue and green. It does add some pop to it, but do you think it is too much? I am basically happy with the way the runner turned out. It does not match our décor well, but will remain at our house. I am not that happy with the joining of the squares to put it in my Etsy Shop!

I still think the name “Chaos” fits well. What do you think? I have a tough hide and can take (and would appreciate) your input!

4 thoughts on “MLQC Update

  1. You’ve learned your bias lesson well. The dotted fabric looks like snakeskin especially as it winds its way around. A snap of color was a wise choice. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

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  2. What a neat project! And lots of opportunity to use bias tape. I like the ‘punch’ provided by the multi-color border–it is that necessary and pleasant element of the unexpected. My mind now whirls with other fabric possibilities: khaki, burlap, cotton sateen. And the bias could be used to draw simple motifs: wine bottles, butterflies, flowers (with or without button or lace embellishment). Oh, what fun awaits!

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    1. Indeed, I have nothing to complain about and am truly blessed. Oh…thanks for the ideas….maybe you will do them! BTW, I realized I did not hit send before on the first part of this reply!


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