I’ve Seen a Ghost

Ok…reblogging from scotty73 again today! Yes, he is my son and I think he is a great writer, but this is compelling to me on many levels. What do you think of the subject? What do you believe happens to our spirit? Are we taught not to believe in such things? I hope you read and comment! Happy Halloween too!

Words No One is Reading

I saw a ghost once. At least I think I did. I wasn’t a small child, it wasn’t dark, I wasn’t tip-toeing around some creepy place. I was thirteen years old and was watching TV with a friend after school one sunny afternoon. We saw this thing, looked at each other, then bolted out the front door and sprinted the block to his house without saying a word.

This wasn’t the first or last time I experienced what could be considered paranormal activity. I used to experience a lot of things like this. When I was a young child I had an imaginary friend named Bobby. My parents say we had deep conversations and played together daily. I realize this is normal for children, in fact my son had an imaginary friend, too. Oddly, though, my son’s friend was also named Bobby… Lights in my bedroom were switched (not flickered)…

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