Don’t forget the sunrise!

We photographers are always looking for light. We photographers often go out for great sunset shots. Perhaps we just don’t like to get up early, but we can find great sunrise shoots too.

Thanks to my hubby (the early bird at our house) for calling out the beautiful sunrise yesterday. These are just quick shots through the windows, but what glory!

IMG_9703  IMG_9709IMG_9705 IMG_9706

The colors of sunrise (or sunset, for that matter) change so quickly. It was click or forget! The trees may be getting bare, but the sky held all the beauty on this morning.

These are through our guest bedroom window…wish you were here! Wait, then I would not have been able to take the shots. Or wait, maybe I would have made you wake up too!

A day late posting, but still hoping you have a grand and glorious day!

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