Coming out as a caregiver in a “C” family.

Meaningful, heartfelt post…someone out there needs this right now!

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This is how I feel while working

I was asked to write a letter by the Center that my wife visits for the treatment of her cancer – the goal being to make some changes in order to help the entire family get through some difficult days. The disease brings with it all these satellite evils that conspire and gang up. This letter is not about what got you here and the person you love – it is about the mundane and stifling which can become debilitating.

Example: Your wife was moved to another hospital for a procedure, you answer a call from your work about a problem on the way down to visit and help as best you can (yes, you already put in a full day, no, you are not mad about it, work is work, health insurance is health insurance, money is money). You left no food in the house for your 17 teen…

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It has been an interesting summer, thus far. Moving, great guests, a bit of travel and more. I have been absent from the blogosphere and, believe it or not, have missed it. It was difficult for me, but yesterday I went in and deleted hundreds of emails advising of posts from people that I follow. I am going to try to get back to reading, at least, but will likely not be back into full swing for another month or so. Who knows, maybe by then, I will have some great new design or words of wisdom (huh?) or interest for my blog.

All the best to each of you! May your days be filled with joy! Mine have been…mostly. Here are a few snaps…

IMG_8868  Authentic Greek food in CAIMG_8970 Can’t beat a local July 4th parade! IMG_9106 IMG_9095  20150804_212424  This is not her REAL smile!!!20150804_200801_HDR Brotherly love. 20150804_120641_HDR A great adventure with my son!IMG_9094 20150814_152723 20150722_193539_HDR IMG_0726 And this is the house…the color will be different this fall, but we are feeling at home here and very happy!

Kindergarten, Happiness, Gratitude and Sadness – Not Necessarily in That Order

How many of you have kids getting ready to start school? I hope you feel something like Scotty!

Words No One is Reading

There was a time when I didn’t think I’d have a second child. My wife and I had our first child, Jack, less than two years after we were married. We of course were thrilled, and because we wanted at least two kids who were close in age, we started trying again just a few months after Jack was born. But, as is often the case in life, things didn’t go as we planned. Six and a half years and a couple (at least) of miscarriages later, I had resigned myself to the fact that Jack would be an only child. We were fortunate to have him, and to be honest, I didn’t know if I wanted another child any longer. I was in the latter half of my 30’s and my wife was on the doorstep of 40. I didn’t want to put her at risk of a dangerous…

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