BOOM – Encouraging Thunder Award!

Encouraging Thunder Award
Encouraging Thunder Award

What can you do with the award?

Post it on your blog.

Grant other bloggers with the award.

What you can’t do with the award?
Abuse or misuse the logo.

Claim that it’s your own handmade logo.

What you should do after receiving award:
Enjoy it and bask in the acknowledgement of this award.

Give thanks via comments and likes, mentioning the blog who gave the award.

Mention your purpose in blogging. Share your story.

Gail at Snapshotincursive granted me this award! Gail’s blog is full of beautiful pictures, great recipes and other good thoughts. Check it out!

It is always a surprise and a blessing to be nominated/granted any award. The idea is to share my purpose in blogging…

Well, to be honest, I started my blog, Facetfully, as a means to promote my Etsy shop. (That said, here is the link to that.) A big “however” follows that statement. Now that I have been blogging for a while, I find it really has nothing to do with that shop on Etsy. Actually, it seems I spend more time blogging than working on items for my shop! So, why blog now? It is an interesting addiction, you might say. I have made “friends” that I really enjoy “following” here. I find it much more interesting than Facebook or Twitter and it is a place where people feel free to express themselves. I am not one who likes to talk about the weather or your new red shoes very much, but I do like the real things that life is about. I read blogs from those who are younger, older, male, female, healthy, ill, happy, depressed, outspoken, shy…need I go on? I am inspired by them all. I begin to wonder how their days are going. I hope to be able to spark a good thought or a smile in them, at least occasionally. Generally, I am hooked on this thing called the blogosphere.

I have seen my blog evolve, as all things do in life. My posts are generally shorter in length and I have been using it as a way to get back into photography. Following photographers is inspiring to me and some of the challenges are fun.

I am not terribly outspoken. I believe people should be able to have their own opinions and beliefs, so I won’t generally go on about politics or religion or other hot topics. I do have my opinions, but that is not my mission. I write from my heart, often on the spur of the moment. I wish all to be at peace. I think we are here to love. Yes, I am probably the perfect “Pollyanna”…until I get mad! Thankfully, that is not often!

Gail, thanks again. I think I have rambled on enough here. My selections for the Encouraging Thunder Award are: – a blog that inspires about many things, including health and life (and look at his garden!) – a gorgeous blog…beautiful images and 6 to 50 word stories – sharing from the heart about life, family, God and just good inspiration

What do I dislike about awards? The fact that I would nominate MANY of the blogs I follow. So, until next time, I hope you check out the ones noted here and thanks to all for sharing!

Be IN-joy!

8 thoughts on “BOOM – Encouraging Thunder Award!

  1. Congratulations. Again you and I think so much alike! You have inspired me to start posting my photos here. I love photos of reflections, patterns, trees, cats and animals. Beauty, humor, love and peace are things to be shared. You do that so well! Hugs!!

    Liked by 1 person

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