Father’s Day

What do you think of when you hear the word FATHER?

The first thought of many people, if not most, would be their dad. Some might say God, the Father. For some, they feel blessed to have a father who adopted them, or a terrific father-in-law. Many are missing their father that they called dad or daddy or pops or many other endearing terms.

For me today, I think of my dad, passed on, but certainly not forgotten. He was always my “daddy” and I miss him. I know he was not perfect, as no one is and perfect does not exist in this world. He was always there for me, there for my mom in ten years of care after her strokes. He loved his children, his grand-kids and greats. He just didn’t always show it in the way they may have wanted, or so it seems.

Harold 2 Handsome, eh? (I think my sister thinks he looks like a gangster!)

My daddy was a hard worker and often not at home, as he did extra jobs when employed and then had his own business, which usually meant lots of hours.

Valorie and Daddy Me and daddy on Easter Sunday in 1954.

The next person that comes to mind is my son. I think he is the best dad I know today!

Then, there is my husband, but not the father of my children. He is a great dad to his son. I have heard so many stories shared about dad and the boat, dad and the pool, dad and driving the kids, dad and football, etc., etc., etc. I just know he did a great job. His son is a reflection of this, as well.

I would not be honest, if I did not mention the man who is the father of my children in this post too. He did everything he was raised to do, as a father, and more. I am grateful in many ways.

So, with my dad not living and my husband and I agreeing that we don’t need to celebrate Father’s Day (or Mother’s Day) beyond a simple statement on the day, I have no one to call or send a card or gift to. Though I wish I did, I will just be happy that I have good memories and know of men…and it takes a man…doing all they can to be good parents. I wish them all Happy Father’s Day and hope that their children are aware of the blessing it is to have them!

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