Echo, Oregon, can you hear it?

IMG_2930  One of those quaint little-known towns that can be found along the back roads of America is Echo, Oregon. One lovely day, with some time to meander, we took a little adventure down just such a road and enjoyed a few minutes reverie of the past.

Echo is on the Old Oregon Trail and boasts a bit of interesting history.


Jack Dempsey spent a little time there…and apparently even less money!


A museum has been erected along the Deschutes River where there was a stop along the Oregon Trail.


Above images from the museum list the requirements to set out on the trail and head west.

   IMG_2918  a tiny cabin

IMG_2924  I don’t think they could really phone back then…and writing doesn’t seem to have been a good choice either, in case of fire! Someone from the museum must have a sense of humor.

As with many old towns, an effort has been made to update, while maintaining the flavor of the historic setting.

IMG_2906 Main StreetIMG_2899 

The bankIMG_2903

The Catholic Church is still standing, but apparently no longer in service.


IMG_2910Do you like to explore little, old towns? I love an adventure!

3 thoughts on “Echo, Oregon, can you hear it?

  1. Echo looks interesting. We have the tiniest of hamlets you just come across sometimes down here in Devon. Not much to explore, but always a lovely feeling of discovery.

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