Just a thought…and a photo

confused birds

You are correct…nothing special about this quick capture from the kitchen window!

However, it is good food for thought…what does it make you think?

Share and share alike?

What the HEQQ are you doing in my food?

Awww…so cute!

First come, first served?

I could go on, but what do you say? Oh and one other thing…if the blue jay is afraid to go after the chipmunk, so the tiny bird in the lower left (did you see him?) will stay away from the blue jay too! I guess it is the order of the universe or nature.

Have a wonderful day and share where you can…good thoughts, good deeds, good words…you get the idea!

4 thoughts on “Just a thought…and a photo

  1. I, too, marvel at the pecking order displayed at our bird feeder. Substitute a squirrel (or two, or three) for the chipmunk, add a pair or more of cardinals, and we have very similar guest lists.

    Who teaches the different bird varieties which ones like sunflower seeds from the feeder and which ones forage on the ground? Which ones will peck daintily among the fallen seeds and shells, and which ones will flip grass clippings and other debris vigorously to first one side then the other to uncover a favorite morsel hiding beneath? The woodpecker arrives at the feeder full speed ahead, regardless of any other diners who immediately scatter out of his way. After making his selection, he leaves in a flurry of wings heading straight back from whence he came. Cardinals, on the other hand, are much more cautious, scanning the area from a nearby branch and keeping an ever-watchful eye on their surroundings while cracking and eating a few sunflower seeds.

    Such variety!! No wonder we don’t tire of watching our Creator’s magnificent world.

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