Right or wrong?

i just returned from a trip to Santa Cruz, California. It is a beach town and what you might call hippie-dippie. It is also a surfing mecca. On one of our beach walks, I discovered this wall…

It is my understanding that it has been controversial, as this wall is technically on private property. The part you see is adjacent to a public RV park. The house on this property is on a hill above this wall. The majority of the markings are memorials.

My question is this…do you think it is right or wrong that people use this wall for this purpose? Would you protest if it were your wall? Obviously, the posts are not being removed. 

I understand the law…the rules…I just wonder what I would feel like. I think I would want people to have this place, as long as the area is kept clean and the posts are respectful.

It made me stop and think, so I thought I would put it out there for opinions.

8 thoughts on “Right or wrong?

  1. Gee, I like it! Then again, I loved the bridge in Paris with all the thousands of locks on it, and I am saddened they are going to remove them, well the whole railing segments.

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  2. It would depend on how near the wall was to my house, you say the house is on a hill away from the house? Also it would depend on wether or not the house owner sees it all the time, if it was a back or side wall then I most likely would not mind. I think it is a lovely idea, far more interesting than a brick wall don’t you think?

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    1. Agreed! It is completely out of sight of the homeowner. It would seem that if you chose to live in this heavily tourist-laden spot, the memorial wall would be the least of your worries. I am sure it is a very high-dollar property. Thanks for the reply!


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