Flower of the Day – May 29, 2015

Following Cee’s Photography, Flower of the Day…

IMG_4575 Today’s flower is a white peony bud. An open flower from the same bush was posted a couple of days ago.

Which to do you like better? Buds hold so much promise!

Thanks for looking!

Thursday Doors – March 28, 2015

IMG_4174 This is my entry for Norm’s Thursday Doors Challenge.

I am drawing from my recent trip to Savannah, GA for these images. Really liked the blowing curtain, the classic door with the light shining through and the gate…slightly open and inviting…like a door.

Then, from the oldest community established by freed slaves, these doors:

IMG_4104 IMG_4094

Finally today, do doorbells count?

IMG_4176 I liked these!


Happiness Factors

Good pointers for everyone! And stay-at-home stuff is not limited to parenting!

Earth Zen Mama

I am on a journey to find the happiest life possible…aren’t we all? I have realized, though, that my happiness is greatly impacted by a few things, no matter what. Thankfully I have realized what these factors are and can make sure I am meeting my happiness needs!

The weather.

If I am stuck inside due to snow, rain, cold, wind, etc., it greatly affects my mood. Humans need vitamin D, and vitamin D impacts our mood on a chemical level. Without it, we are more prone to depression. Even 15 minutes helps improve my mood greatly!

What I eat.

If I eat processed foods, too much gluten, or something sugary, my mood almost immediately plunges. If I eat real, whole foods, though, I feel much happier and lighter all around.


Obviously, exercise creates endorphins and endorphins make us happy! If I get outside and go for a…

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