Thursday Doors – March 28, 2015

IMG_4174 This is my entry for Norm’s Thursday Doors Challenge.

I am drawing from my recent trip to Savannah, GA for these images. Really liked the blowing curtain, the classic door with the light shining through and the gate…slightly open and inviting…like a door.

Then, from the oldest community established by freed slaves, these doors:

IMG_4104 IMG_4094

Finally today, do doorbells count?

IMG_4176 I liked these!


Happiness Factors

Good pointers for everyone! And stay-at-home stuff is not limited to parenting!

Earth Zen Mama

I am on a journey to find the happiest life possible…aren’t we all? I have realized, though, that my happiness is greatly impacted by a few things, no matter what. Thankfully I have realized what these factors are and can make sure I am meeting my happiness needs!

The weather.

If I am stuck inside due to snow, rain, cold, wind, etc., it greatly affects my mood. Humans need vitamin D, and vitamin D impacts our mood on a chemical level. Without it, we are more prone to depression. Even 15 minutes helps improve my mood greatly!

What I eat.

If I eat processed foods, too much gluten, or something sugary, my mood almost immediately plunges. If I eat real, whole foods, though, I feel much happier and lighter all around.


Obviously, exercise creates endorphins and endorphins make us happy! If I get outside and go for a…

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OK…so if the title of this blog post seems offensive to you, close it now!

It may seem funny, or stupid, if you choose to read on, but I have a question. How do you put on your bra?

My husband and I have been together for nearly 17 years now and I still often think, when getting dressed, how amazed he was when we got around to the time he saw me putting my bra on. “What are you doing?” “I have never seen such a thing!” “No one I have ever known puts their bra on that way!” Maybe he has given up on it, as he thinks I am generally weird anyway, but I just have to ask!

Well, suffice it to say, I knew no different. Maybe I learned it from my sister. Certainly, my mom never told me or showed me what to do. We didn’t talk about such things. During gym class, no one seemed to notice…nor me them. So, what is the correct way to do this daily duty? (Sure, we might like to go without, but that is for another possible post.)

bra red bow bra pointy bra glam  bra black

bra zip bra sport

We know there are many types of bras. Front-closure, pull-over, even zip-up…soft support, heavy-duty, pointy, frilly, push-up, sleep, nursing, sport…it is endless. I am discussing the good, old-fashioned bra with hooks and eyes in the back.

bra back

Note that my husband is from the west coast and met up with a sweet, demure mid-western girl (hmmm….would I be writing this, if so?). Maybe it is regional or cultural. However, the LOGICAL thing to me is to put your bra around your waist backwards, hook it and turn it around, pull the straps up over the shoulders, nestle the girls inside and be comfy. (Or not, depending on the bra itself.) In my mind, logic rules! I even tried it the other way this morning. Just plain craziness to fumble around with those hooks when you can’t see them!

So, how do you put your bra on? Are you bold enough to answer?

Memorial Day

it is getting late on Memorial Day in the U.S. I have had a post in mind for a couple of days but must confess I did not get it done. 

There have been many posts about remembering the military people who have died in service. I agree that they have paid a great price and am very grateful for the freedom we have here.

What I have only seen once in all the posts about Memorial Day is any remembrance of non-military people who have died. 

The real reason I did not get this post done before is that I wanted to get out and scan old family pictures of visiting graves and “decorating” them on Memorial Day…sometimes called Decoration Day. From childhood I remember this as an annual trip to cemeteries in Kansas City, MO and Herington, Kansas. This was important to my grand-mother and we did not miss it. I am not sure how I felt then. I knew there were babies and moms and old folks missing from the family. I knew this made my parents and grand-parents sad. 

Today, as an adult, I miss many who have passed…way too many. I can’t even imagine the loss of a child, as my parents and grand-parents endured. As many things do, it seems the way people are memorialized has changed. Some folks have opted to leave behind no place to visit. For me, it has proven true that I don’t need a place to go and set wreaths or flowers, though that would be good. And I enjoy the peacefulness of cemeteries. I can remember and talk to those that have passed before me from anywhere…and I do. I have asked my children how they feel about it…what they might want when I am gone, but they have not wanted to discuss it.

So, this rambling…what am I getting at? Mostly that I think Memorial Day is for remembering all who,have died. Whether in service, military or otherwise, in love or in friendship, may we all have reasons to remember with respect, gratitude, honor, pride and joy those who are gone now. And may we think of them much more often than on a certain date the calendar says we should!

Thank you to,those who have served this country and given their lives. Thank you to those who have loved, laughed, played, sang, danced, cried, listened and otherwise shared life with me. Each and every one of you is missed and remembered on this Memorial Day!