Words of Wisdom…

Good to remember…


These may not be originals by my Dad, but he sure was one.

          1.  At the end, no one ever said, “I wish I’d spent more time at the office.”

          2.  Who wants to be remembered with the statement, “They sure had nice things”?  Character counts.

          3.  If you ever think your problems are the worst, remember there are many people who would gladly swap with you.

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Thanks to Fred the Needle for the Liebster Award!


(There was no picture of the award posted, so I found one to use in this post.)

I accept with pleasure and admit that it is taking me a while to get this response up. Susanna, whose name I had to search her blog for, but what a lovely name…it reminds me of sunshine, nominated my blog! I am very happy to have been nominated for this my second Liebster Award. Thank you, Susanna at Fred the Needle! Go and check out her blog too!

Liebster rules

The questions I am to answer from my nominator:

If you could have a cup of tea with anyone who would it be and what would you ask them?

A cup of tea and a chat is always wonderful! I would love to sit and chat with some of the new “friends” I have made in the blogosphere…so let’s start with Susanna!

What is the last book you read?

As I have shared in a reply on one of Susanna’s book reviews, I don’t read that much. The last book I read, I believe, is Journey of Souls, by Michael Newton, PhD 

You open a box of chocolates – do you eat them all at once?

I could easily do that! I would go for the nuts first, then the brittles and last the cremes! Hopefully, it is a small box!

If you could be any age, what would it be? (you can take your wisdom with you!)

I totally don’t believe you can go back again, and even if you promise, you can’t take what you already know with you! I love the old age I am now and have often said I would not go back!

What activity do you do where time flies?

All time flies when you are having fun, doesn’t it? Crafting with my friend…we meet every week…and the time is up before I know it (even though we could stay all day, we don’t usually!).

Would you enjoy a warm deep bubble bath or a hot invigorating shower?

I’ll take the bath. Most often, I shower, but I don’t like them too hot!

Choose a holiday: City break, A warm beach or a Course on a subject that interests you?

Last year, I had the best of both worlds…a transatlantic cruise with my husband and friends AND a class on watercolors..it was wonderful!

What was your proudest achievement?

My children!

If you could change something what would it be?

The massive amount of judgment that prevails in this world!

What is your favourite room in your home and why?

I spend the most time in my craft room…does that make it my favorite?

If you could have a magic power what would it be?

Healing…pain, sorrow, sickness…all part of life, yes, but I hate seeing people suffer!

Eleven random facts about myself…wow, that is a bunch!

1. I am 61 years old…and feel about 45, if that…and depending on the day!

2. I live in Oregon and love it…except I live too far from my family.

3. I have never had a pet…except my husband.

4. I love an adventure!

5. I was lucky to have an easy cancer, since it was caught early.

6. I have  5 grandkids…they are ages 5 to 19 and a blast!

7. I don’t ever want to dye or perm my hair again.

8. I love being on a spiritual journey…and I have wonderful peeps sharing that.

9. I believe we are here for love.

10. My favorite meat is chicken.

11. I could blow your mind, if you read this far, buy why?

So, if you search out info on this award, there are a variety of rules. I will follow the ones in my nomination, which means I have to ask 11, yes 11, questions of my nominees. So, here they are:

1. Have you posted your name on your blog…your real name and why or why not?

2. Why did you start your blog?

3. What possession do you think you would be lost without?

4. Do you see in black, white or gray?

5. How do you feel about being alone?

6. Who do you call first with good news?

7. Where is the LAST place you care to visit?

8. Car, train, plane or bus?

9. A book you can hold in your hand or online?

10. I love the idea that _________! (Does this count as a question?)

11. Whew! Are you glad this is #11?

Now…drumroll please…I nominate (this one is different, in that they don’t have to be new blogs and they don’t say how many. I am nominating 5 here, because I have to do this again:







Old Sticky Love

May we all see the reminders right in front of us…

Beautiful Life with Cancer

I believe in goals. I believe in knowing what race you are in and running toward that finish line. I believe in knowing what road you are on and what the destination is.

Love. I want my love to be sticky.

Newlywed James and Caroline were magnificently in love with love. We promised and we dreamed but we were only tying on our tennis shoes and the gun had not even yet been shot. Counseled, researched, planned, and eager, we set out in the race of marriage and a life together. But we had not yet gotten shin splints, holes in our tennis shoes, and the weather was a perfect sixty-five degree sunny day.

Newlywed James and Caroline sat in the food court of the shopping mall, planning where the day and our life would take us. And then we got some of the best advice new love can be…

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Happy Friday

What are you up to this April weekend?

I have things to do…people to see…people to remember. Looking forward to a fine weekend.

This digital image that I created reminds me of excitement, travel, fun and more. I would not mind heading down Route 66…but alas, not this weekend!

Psychedelic Sixty-six_8639_5374

Hope you enjoy whatever you are about!

So, I Have Procrastinated Long Enough

…and I know you are all dying to hear why I make bags!!!!

I have been wanting to write this post because I think it is important. Maybe my procrastination is that I have not been making bags lately, but branching out to other fun things like “just-a-thought” pillows and jewelry and STUFF!

At any rate, below are some pictures of why I think we should not use plastic bags…

IMG_3854 IMG_3862 landfill          I will let you decide which is most important.

Here is a link to some info on how many cities have banned the use of the bags:


A person could read on this subject for a long time and there are pros and cons…like with any subject. This is food for thought and hopefully, your consideration on how you might help.

So, for me? I must be honest…I like to make things. I like to consider that I can help the environment. I like to gift useful things to people. I decided to create my Etsy shop mostly to support my habit of making things…truly, let me say that it doesn’t start to pay for my addiction! This is not intended as an advertisement!

Another thing about using market totes…To quote a buyer of some of my bags…Terri says:

“For me, being a responsible shopper by using my own bags has opened a whole new field of expression. I now have several fun bags and I actually remember to take them into the store with me! People notice, and maybe it makes them think about using their own bags, too, instead of using paper or plastic.”

That was so nice of her to post. It is also a challenge for me to think outside the box when designing my bags…a means of expression!

The plastic bags that I do end up with…too many, as you can see above…line my trash cans…and a couple of drawers! My sister-in-law, who lives in California, can’t get enough of them for “doggie doo”! We don’t have a dog, and I hate to admit, I don’t get them to her either! But I can’t stand the idea of sending them to the landfill!

Then, there is the question of saving a tree. This is in reference to paper bags, which I prefer and find easier to reuse, for some reason.

save trees (savepapersavetrees.BlogSpot.com)

So, I put the comment, “Save a tree and a landfill, one bag at a time.” on my market bag listings. You make the call. I won’t judge you.

Oh, and this is also why I use cloth napkins and minimize the use of paper towels…that is another, but similar, story!

If you have thoughts you would like to share, ways to recycle/reuse bags, or anything connected to this post, it would be great to hear from you. We can build the blogging community and “save a tree or a landfill, one bag at a time” all at once! All opinions respected, but no slamming others allowed here!

Happy bagging…whatever you use!

Remembering Daddy

IMAG0019 Today would be my daddy’s birthday. This picture of him was taken on Easter Sunday, 1954. It seems a good choice to use in this post, since this is Easter weekend. My brother was not born yet, but this is my sister and me (I am the little one) ready for church with daddy all dressed up in his suit. Isn’t he handsome! (Even with the wind kicking up his hair)

Today daddy would be 91 years old…in earth years. When is your birthday in heaven? If it is the day you die, then he would only be almost 12. It doesn’t matter to me. He was my daddy. I miss him. I love him and always will. There are great men in my life, my wonderful husband and a son that I am so proud of. My grandson is growing into a kind and caring young man. No one, though, can fill the void left by the passing of my dad. I know he is with me and I still talk to him…sometimes I still reach for the phone to give him a call!

I hope heaven is just what you hoped for, daddy. I love you still.  Happy Birthday!