One little bird


That one little bird is me. Looking out on the sea of blog posts awaiting me. I have been trying to catch up with all my blogging friends’ posts. I just can’t get it done and if you know me, that feels really bad! I feel a connection to you and don’t want to miss a thing…I just find for every one I read there are at least three more new ones and I am about 12 days behind. So, I have decided to stop with the past and get on with the now. If there are some apparent tidbits that I have missed that make the now hard to understand, then I will backtrack. 

Happy blogging!

6 thoughts on “One little bird

  1. It is nice to see you back from your trip away, but don’t let guilt pile up among all the washing and other catching up that always greets you when you get home!

    I have to say, I do like bloggers who post only once a week, its hard to keep up otherwise! But I hate missing posts, you really get to know people and miss them – as I have your posts.

    Welcome back. xx big hugs.

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  2. I agree, sometimes you just have to draw a line under (or is that over?) the bits you’ve missed and move on. So pleased you haven’t vanished completely.

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