I have not seen my sister in almost 2 years!

Some time back I wrote this poem about rivers and it really made me think of our lives and how we start from something so small and change over the course of our lives. I dedicate this to my sister again today.

river with picture

I am so excited to be seeing her tomorrow! We have lots of catching up to do…sister time. And I get to see her kids and grands, as well as Savannah, Georgia, which I hear is a wonderful place! Yippee!

18 thoughts on “Sisters

  1. Have a fantastic time! There is nothing like the bond with a sister, I love that my girls will each have 2 sisters and being close in age I hope that they are great friends x

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  2. Beautiful poem, and also a beautifully expressed comment by Terri Potts. Siblings are special – I am grateful for mine and am happy to hear you will be reconnecting with your sister. Enjoy the visit!

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  3. You are both closer to the well-spring when you are together.

    Good friends, old friends, hold parts of us in safe-keeping — parts of us that sometimes change with time. Within moments of being together with them again, no matter how much time has passed, they present you with those unaltered parts of yourself. It is their gift to you — an island in time where you are who you were then. It is more than remembering; it is another state of being. Those are opportunities to reclaim aspects of yourself you’ve lost, or examine and mindfully discard the ones you are happy to have left behind.

    Our siblings take us back even further, to our beginnings. They share the same bedrock, or have survived the same quicksand. They offer you the greatest gift of all, because they hold your earliest self in safe-keeping…and you hold theirs!

    This is my long-winded way of saying, enjoy this island in time for all it’s worth!

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  4. So delighted for you and your sis to have time together! (I know what my sister’s phone call this week meant to me.) And to explore a beautiful Southern city… in spring… with special people… doesn’t get much better on this side of heaven. Have a most fantastic, memorable time!! Hugs…

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