The Word

Today’s word…WORD!


“Everybody’s heard about the bird…b, b, bir, b-bird’s the word”…no, not that word, though I do love hearing birds. And I am not too fond of that song, as my B-I-L is likely not either, as his nickname is “Bird”…thanks to his mom!

trashmen bird

The word…did you get the word?

phone  via phone?    texting  or better yet today, via text?

Do you study the Word?

Bible open   contemplative tree

Today I got good word, as in good news.

calendar marking Mark the calendar…they are coming to visit!

Yes, I study the Word, the Bible is one, but also the word of many other spiritual teachers. I love word games and often play on words. Or I mix up words…on purpose…and hope I remember NOT to do that when someone who does not know me is listening!


“He is hamsome…even with those whiksers!”

Their, there, they’re…many have pet peeve words. What is yours?


My word for the year is “peace”.

Peace on  earth

If you are reading this, you are likely into words. Words as meditation, words as healing, words and humor, words as anger, words as…well, just words. Bloggers are certainly using words.

We tell children to “use your words”…that means don’t cry or throw a tantrum.


Words play a big part in our lives. And yet there are times when we should use no words…our actions speak louder! Silence is golden. And on it goes.

quiet please

What is your word for today? Or, the word you choose NOT to use today is interesting too!

4 thoughts on “The Word

  1. There was a great word we used in the Army: Bimble it meant wandering around aimlessly, without purpose. I love that word, but I found it only existed in that workplace – no one else had ever heard of it and it did not exist in the dictionary. I still like it, because It is what I do most of the time!

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